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Tour a Terraced Garden Overlooking the Tennessee River

Stroll through an elegant Southern garden featuring over 120 varieties of roses, a multitude of hydrangeas, a Celtic-knot topiary and pear-tree espaliers.

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Layers of Beauty: A View From Above

Built in 1922, this 1-1/2 acre estate boasts four tiers of landscaping with seven distinct garden features. Designed by Ryan Gainey, the grounds are a mix of formal and cottage-style gardens. The upper tiers are all business with manicured lawns, a rose garden, pool and entertaining spaces. The bottom tiers, closest to the river, are more freeform with pathways twisting through beds of hostas, daylilies, hydrangeas and jasmine.

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Photo: Sarah Busby

Italian Influence With Southern Charm

This gazebo is known as the "temple." The columns were salvaged from a bank that was being torn down in Nashville. Now they are wrapped in two types of climbing roses — 'White Success' and 'Lemon Meringue' — and serve as a focal point in the formal rose garden.

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Photo: Sarah Busby

Symmetrical Rose Beds

Two 30-foot-long flower beds filled with roses create a grand pathway that leads from the house to the stone gazebo. The beds are filled with a variety of hybrid roses that are grown for their lovely fragrance, including 'Moonstone', 'Louise Estes' and 'Dream Come True'.

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Photo: Sarah Busby

Honeysuckle Obelisk

Between the rose garden and the house sit two square flower beds framed in boxwoods and anchored by obelisk-shaped trellises covered in honeysuckle. Candle lanterns on top of the trellises help illuminate evening gatherings in the rose garden.

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