Tour a Cape Cod Garden

Inspiration is found at every turn in this gorgeous garden bursting with fall blooms.

Catching the Sunlight

'Limelight' hydrangea, which has changed from creamy white to an antique rose color adds gorgeous color to the fall garden.

Vintage Helpers

A collection of lovely metal watering cans are found throughout this Cape Cod garden.

Fall Bloomers

'Profusion' zinnia adds a sunny dose of color to the garden.

Beautiful in Fall Arrangements

Lunaria means moon-like and the seed pods of this flowering plant make for a striking addition to a flower arrangement, or a beautiful element in a vase all on its own.

Gardener's Delight

Cape Cod, Massachusetts gardener C.L. Fornari's private garden offers a fall bounty. As you enter the front garden you are greeted by 'King Tut' papyrus, coleus, ornamental kales, 'Frosty Knight' alyssum, 'Blue Horizon' ageratum, 'Profusion' zinnia, Russian sage, annual red leaf hibiscus, Vitex bush, and nepeta.

Adirondack Refuge

'Red Majestic' contorted filbert (Corylus avellana) is to the left of this restful nook.

Fall Garden Focal Point

Heirloom gourds and coral bells adorn this stacked planter.

Beautiful Foliage Garden Border

Let the foliage be the star with purple sweet potato vine ('Sweet Caroline'), Verbena bonariensis, Nicotiana mutabilis, New Guinea impatiens and annual red leaf hibiscus among others.

Garden Delights

Garden tools ready for use, seashells and watering cans at the ready make for a poetic still life when combined with geranium, barrel cactus and Nicotiana mutabilis.

Purple Craze

Blue aster 'Raydon's Favorite' (Symphyotrichum oblongifolium) is a reliable aster boasting lovely daisy-like flowers.

Propagation Shed Window Box

Every corner of this garden is beautifully curated like this window box filled with potato vine, lobelia, coleus and 'Bonfire' begonia.

Final Blooms and Berries for Fall

This 'Olivia' St. John's Wort is appealing to birds and beneficial insects.

Birdhouse Gourds Pulled from the Garden

Birdhouse gourds, agave and a gogi berry plant share space in this garden tableaux.

'Colette' Climbing Rose

This gorgeous, lush rose with rich fragrance and an old-rose feel is one of the last blooms in this Cape Cod garden before winter comes.

Perched in the Sun

Mini pumpkins find a home perched on this garden wall.

The Fall Vegetable Garden

Rainbow Swiss chard, kale and nasturtium command center stage in the edible garden.

The Propagation Shed

This work space is specifically designed just for planting but utility doesn't mean beauty is pushed to the background in this garden. A charming blue door contrasts nicely with the weathered grey shingles on this outbuilding.

Inside the Propagation Shed

Dozens of planters are lined up in this shed, ready to be put to use.

Cutting Garden

Dahlias, amaranth and zinnias are some of the flowers found in this cutting garden.

Part of the Cutting Garden

Bursting with zinnias, this cutting garden allows the joys of the garden to be brought indoors.

Rustic Compost Pile

Tucked among the arborvitaes, a compost pile has been made more aesthetic by weaving sticks between rebar.

A Gift From a Friend

Grafted weeping pussy willow commands a dramatic spot in the garden.

Tropical Plants

This Meyer lemon tree will come indoors for overwintering to protect it from the cold Massachusetts temperatures.

The Side Garden

This nook is a perfect place to sit and admire the garden's beauty and features, on the left, miscanthus, weigela, Rose of Sharon, and mandevilla on the arbor.

At the Garden's Edge

A lovely garden with a home for the birds features purple sweet potato vine ('Sweet Caroline'), Lo and Behold 'Blue Chip' butterfly bush, Verbena bonariensis and Nicotiana mutabilis.

A Winter Planter

A weather resistant galvanized metal planter with ornamental cabbage, 'Blue Princess' holly, 'Black Dragon' cryptomeria, golden arborvitae, golden hinoki and variegated silver liriope.

A Focal Centerpiece

Plectranthus  is arranged with fall gourds for visual interest in the garden.

Arbor with Bells

A Mandevilla vine reaches to the sky as it climbs up the arbor.

DIY Terrace

C.L. Fornari created this terrace by arranging stones in lovely spiraling patterns.

Under the Arbor

Mandevilla vine can be seen climbing this arbor in the garden.

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