Southern University Garden Tour

Discover all that this lovely southern garden has to offer. Located in Knoxville, Tennessee this garden is a part of the gardens of the University of Tennessee.

'Sun' Flower

This stunning sunflower literally resembles the sun with yellow and orange petals and a fiery red core. 

Black-Eyed Susan

The University of Tennessee gardens house some 4,000 varieties of flowers and plants including these black-eyed susans. 


This beautiful canna towers over garden visitors. 

Bee Pollinating Canna Flower

This gorgeous orange canna flower is being pollinated by an ambitious bee. 

HGTV Home Showcase Garden

HGTV Home presented their own showcase garden within U.T.'s garden. 

Home Style

Part of the HGTV Home showcase garden, this area features pink petunias in the foreground, zoysia grass, and a bench surrounded with container gardens. 


Along the path of this southern garden lies a yellow dahlia nestled in a blue container. 

'Persian shield' Strobilanthes dyerianus

This Southern garden is bursting with color at all turns; 'Persian Shield' features a gorgeous purple and green glow and will steal the show in any garden. 

Safe Haven

This gentle worker bee is finding refuge in this gorgeous sunflower. 


You can watch these amazing specimens flourish and wither away all in one day, there's really nothing else quite like it. 

Stock Tank Container Pond

The gardens at the University of Tennessee rest on the agricultural grounds of the school. 

'Lanai Candy Cane' Verbena

You'll feel like you're in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory once you see these candy look-a-like specimens. Warning: Do not eat. 

'Pumilia' Dwarf Norway Spruce

It's a miniature Christmas tree y'all!

Stacked Stone Pond

Enjoy this tranquil space then take a stroll through the luscious rose garden. 

You're So Koi

Gorgeous yellow and orange koi fish reside in a stacked stone pond near the rose garden. 

'Ketchup & Mustard' Rose

The name says it all: this flamboyant rose features ketchup red petals with a mustard yellow reverse.

Fairy Garden

This tiny paradise is tucked away in an alluring rock garden. 

Painted Rain Barrel

This painted rain barrel is a part of the U.T.'s kitchen garden. 

Kitchen Garden

Trailing petunias and herbs on vertical wall, raised beds and elevated beds in the University of Tennessee's kitchen garden. 

Blanket Flower, Gallardia

Bright and the bold, this blanket flower is sure to stand out. 

Moth at Rest

This curious moth has found his way over to this bright purple zinnia. Who can blame him? 

Rustic Raised Bed

In the University of Tennessee bioenergy garden, this old truck was turned into a raised bed with sunflowers inside.

'Australia' Canna

'Australia' canna features dramatic, burgundy leaves and bright, red-orange flowers that shoot up above the foliage in summer. The foliage and flowers stand up to intense summer heat. 

Butterfly on Butterfly

This eastern tiger swallowtail has found its way home to this butterfly bush. 

Unnamed Trial Rose

An unnamed trial rose makes a unique addition to this Southern garden. 


Tomatillos growing on a weathered purple picket fence in the kitchen garden at the University of Tennessee. 


This Southern staple is standing tall and looking as beautiful as ever. 


Hello hibiscus! You're looking extra beautiful today.

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