Pumpkin Patch Tour: Burt's Farm

It just isn't fall until you take a trip to the pumpkin patch, and Burt's Farm in Dawsonville, Georgia, aims to please.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Jessica Yonker

Photo By: Image courtesy of Jessica Yonker

Photo By: Image courtesy of Jessica Yonker

Photo By: Image courtesy of Jessica Yonker

Welcome to Burt's Farm

Burt's Farm in Dawsonville, Ga. is a pumpkin paradise, offering hundreds of colorful pumpkins in an astounding array of colors.

Grab a Wheelbarrow

Every trip to the Farm starts with a wheelbarrow.

Welcome to Burt's Farm

Owners Johnny and Kathy Burt started their pumpkin adventure in the late '70s, selling pumpkins on a small farm stand each year. Thirty years later, the full-fledged farm is still going strong.

All for Gourds, Gourds for All

In addition to hundreds of pumpkins, Burt's Farm has large bins full of squash, ornamental gourds and small pumpkins for eating and decorating.

The 'Big Apple'

Your eyes don't deceive you: this gourd looks just like an apple. 'Big Apple' gourds start out bright green, then slowly turn tan as they mature.

'Caveman's Gourd'

This dried 'Caveman's Gourd' looks like it came right out of an episode of "The Flintstones."

Gotta Have My Corn Pops

While you're picking up pumpkins, you can also grab a couple dried "corn pops" to roast over an open fire to make delicious popcorn.

All Aboard!

No pumpkin patch visit is complete without a hayride. Burt's Farm takes guests along a winding road through the North Georgia mountains.

Pumpkin House

The hayride starts off with an adorable greeting from these anthropomorphic pumpkin people.

Sunflower Patch

Scarecrows watch over the farm's field of sunflowers.

It's A Monster Mash!

Halloween decorations outfit barns along the hayride path. If you listen closely, you can hear the spooktacular sounds of the "Monster Mash."

Who's In Charge Around Here, Anyway?

Scarecrows can be seen "working the fields" along the hayride.

The Farmhouse

Along the hayride, you can catch a glimpse of the Burt's beautiful farmhouse.

Kathy's Garden

Kathy Burt's garden is a colorful array of late-summer flowers that are visited by birds, bees and butterflies.

Mountain Views

The farmhouse sits on a hill overlooking the Amicalola Falls. The pumpkins are sorted, washed, then transported down to the picking area.

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