Types of Tools for Easy Garden Watering

Rely on a few basic tools to keep your garden hydrated and in tip-top shape.
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Watering Can with Rose Sprayer Delivers Fine Mist

Water plants thoroughly using a fine rose sprayer on watering can, so that newly planted plants will not be disturbed.

Lawn Sprinkler Used to Water Large Areas of Lawn

Sprinklers water a large area of lawn efficiently, and can make for greener, healthier grass. It is always a good idea to water in the cool of the early morning to reduce the levels of evaporation.

Low Level Watering System Waters Close to Roots

Low level irrigation or drip irrigation gets the water straight to the roots of a plant using less water than with an overhead system.

Garden Hose Carts Used to Carry Hose Around Garden

A garden hose reel helps keep the hose neat and ready to use in the yard. It prevents the hose from getting tangled while winding or unwinding.

Electrical Timer Systems Water on Time Schedule

An irrigation system timer is the device that controls when a watering system turns on and off, allowing watering to happen at optimal times of the day without having to be there in person.

Seeper Hose Puts Water Where Plants Need It

A seeper hose lies flat on ground and weeps water for maximum irrigation. It soaks roots directly, without damaging plants, and puts the water where it is needed most.

Extended Water Heads Water From a Distance

A watering wand has an extended handle for watering plants directly at the base and under the leaves, plus reaching out to water from a distance.

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