Types of Pruning Tools

Discover various pruning tools that will help keep your garden in tip-top shape.
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The most indispensable pruning tool is a sharp pair of handheld pruners. They are relatively inexpensive and often shaped to make it easier to get just the right angle on a cut. Pruners are made to handle smaller branches and stems.

Hand Shears

When cutting shrubs or hedges with a dense habit, hand shears are the best tool for the job. Make sure shears are sharp and clean to get a good cut.

Hedge Shears

Hand-operated hedge shears look like giant scissors. They are designed to cut a much larger area with each stroke than any other pruning tool. They create long, straight edges as they cut, helping to maintain the shape of the hedge.


Loppers are a type of scissors used for pruning twigs and small branches. They are the largest type of manual garden cutting tool and are usually operated with two hands. They are made to cut woody stems in places that might be hard to reach.

Long-Armed Loppers

Long-armed loppers are good for removing larger branches from overhead.

Pruning Saw

When cuts can not be made with lopping shears or hand pruners, a pruning saw may be just what is needed. These saws will quickly and easily cut smaller branches and limbs. They come in fixed and folding blade designs.

Bow Saw

A bow saw is basically the equivalent of a human powered chainsaw and is designed for the big jobs. Use it for cutting big limbs or pieces down to size after the initial cut.

Electric Hedge Trimmers

Trimming hedges can be the hardest part of a summertime job. Using an electric hedge trimmer can make the trimming job easier, especially with taller and longer hedges.

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