Types of Lawn-Care Tools

Keep these tools on hand for keeping your lawn in top shape.
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Choose Right Size Mower for Lawn

A lawn mower is an invaluable piece of lawn equipment. Choose one that is the right size for the lawn and will fit into a storage shed when it is not in use.

Spring Tined Rake

Breathe Life into Lawn with an Aerator

Hand aerators are available to relieve compaction of soil in small areas. Some have solid tines and just poke holes while others are hollow tined and capable of removing cores and will breathe new life into a lawn.

Handheld Edging Tools Give Yard Crisp Edge

A hand edgers create dramatic cut lines where the lawn meets walkways and beds. An essential piece of equipment for warm season grasses that tend to creep into adjacent areas if not frequently edged.

Trim Grass at Edges Safely with Edging Shears

Edging shears trim grass at the edges without damaging plants in borders.

String Trimmers Ideal for Hard to Reach Places

String trimmers are hand held and powered by electricity or gas. Trimmers use a small, spinning head with plastic twine as the cutting edge. They are small and maneuverable so are used for trimming the grass around areas that a mower can not reach.

Manual Seed Spreaders Used to Spread Fertilizer

Push type spreaders are used to apply fertilizers, seed and pesticides. They can get expensive but the pricier, commercial grade ones are high quality and will last many years. Rent one if necessary.

Secondhand Tools are Proven Performers

Secondhand tools can be east to come by and are proven performers. Choose the best quality tools you can afford, if buying new.

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