Great New Garden Products

These smart and stylish products can help you make the most of your gardening space and time.

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Photo By: Photo courtesy of Good Ideas

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Burgon & Ball

Terracotta Warrior

The Oya is a terracotta vessel that is planted in the ground to naturally water a garden. It's one of the 2015 picks by Seth Pearsoll, director of merchandising for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, who describes it as a new idea using old technology. The company, GrowOya Plant Irrigation, says the Oya can dramatically reduce water waste and time, since it only has to be filled every 7-10 days. Suggested retail prices are $24.95 (small), $29.95 (medium) and $34.95 (large)  Available spring 2015 in garden centers, hardware stores and big-box retailers across the U.S. and at    

Wireless Watering

The Blossom is a new smart sprinkler system that enables you to automatically program and control your watering schedule with a smartphone, tablet or computer. Created by former Skype, Vizio, Linksys and Cisco executives and developers, the system can reduce the chance of overwatering and save money on water bills, the company says.

Tabletop Hydroponic Planter

Modern Sprout's 3-Pot Active Hydroponic Planter, which comes in reclaimed wood, chalkboard, glossy white and weathered gray, is getting a technology upgrade. A hidden top-feed hydroponic system delivers water and nutrients to the roots of the planter's three separate plants on a pre-programmed timer. Currently the timer is accessed via a “secret” side door and offers six feeding settings—from seedlings to full-size fruiting plants (like tomatoes). The next model— expected to come out in 2015—will feature a small, discrete external timer that plugs into the wall outlet and can be controlled by a free smartphone app, according to the Chicago-based company. The feeding frequency can be customized, based on plant type, plant size, climate and more. Modern Sprout also is the only residential hydroponic planter that offers a solar-powered option. 

Fashionable Bed

Farmer D's popular raised bed on legs is getting a trendy urban update with galvanized sides. The bed is handmade in Atlanta, using sustainably harvested, FSC-certified Western Red Cedar.

Weed Killer

The Weed Slice skims under the surface of  the soil to cut through weeds and kill them. It is an alternative to a regular hoe and could help you weed much faster.

Mini Plants

Minis—succulents, ferns and other foliage plants—are a recurring theme in gardens, because they're cute, generally inexpensive and work by themselves or with terrariums or fairy gardens, says Seth Pearsoll, director of merchandising for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, which hosts the world's largest indoor flower show. One Florida company, Batson's Foliage Group, sells six packs of its "Ittie Bitties" in three different mixes, for $36 (shipping included), through its Enviro-Cakes retail division. The mixes are ever-changing, with Batson's growing 70-80 different items annually that could go in the mixes. Individual "Ittie Bitties" retail from $2.99-$4.99 at garden centers and shops around the country.

Think Inside the Box

The CuBe is a lightweight system that makes it fun and easy for people to get into gardening, says Seth Pearsoll, director of merchandising for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Unfold the 1-by-1 foot CuBe—made of a highly durable, UV-resistant, non-woven fabric—and fill it with soil. With multiple shapes you can create different arrangements, depending upon space, for a raised bed garden on a deck, patio, yard or any level surface.

Gorgeous Planters

Serax's planters incorporate a stunning array of textures, colors and materials, including this one with a marbled effect from its spring-summer 2015 line.

Garden-themed Doormat

Update your doormat with one tied to your favorite hobby. This charming three-paneled doormat is among the new designs by Entryways, whose doormats are sold by retailers including Sears, and

Trendy Colors

New hues can breathe new life to garden products. Bloem is introducing three new colors—plummed, meltwater and curated—into its planters, pots and windowboxes.

Chic Composter

Composting is being taken to new heights with the English Composting Garden by Good Ideas. The stacked circular composting planter, made of weather-proof polyethylene, has a classic stone look. The product has an internal chamber for composting, and it's constructed to hold plants and vegetation on all sides.

Garden Basket

Store your garden tools in a stylish way, with the galvanized trug by Sophie Conran, for Burgon & Ball. Each trug is handmade.

Aquaponics Option

Aquaponics is an centuries-old technique that is getting a renewed interest, especially among urban gardeners. The Aspen AquaGrow system by Good Ideas is a plastic planter that you can use to grow vegetables and fish at home. The fish waste feeds the plants while the plants filter the water for the fish.

Stylish Sieve

This potting sieve's size is deliberate, so that gardeners can sprinkle fine compost directly over seeds (and not everything else). The potting sieve, part of the Sophie Conran collection for Burgon & Ball, has a handle made of FSC-certified beechwood, a brass ferrule and a stainless steel head.

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