Garden Gear: 9 Tough Must-Haves

Ultra-resistant gloves, hats and one cool tool belt make gardening easy.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Gardener's Supply Company

Photo By: Image courtesy of Kaufmann Mercantile

Photo By: Image courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company

Photo By: Image courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company

Photo By: Image courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company

Photo By: Image courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company

Photo By: Image courtesy of Foxgloves

Photo By: Image courtesy of Foxgloves

Photo By: Image courtesy of Coolibar

Nitrile Gloves

Though they are lightweight and come in a variety of fun colors, don't let appearances fool you – these Nitrile Gloves are tough. A thin layer of ultra-flexible nitrile make these gloves able to withstand tough abuse from the garden.

Japanese Paddy Boots

These foldable Japanese Paddy Boots are used by Japanese rice paddy farmers and pack easily for storage or travel. 

Sombriolet Sun Hat

This lightweight Sombriolet Sun Hat holds up against intense heat, sun and humidity.

Bloomin' Tool Belt

This Bloomin' Tool Belt, made of nylon webbing, buckles on and fits waists up to 44 inches. Individual pockets slide on or off the belt, so you can carry as many tools as you want. 

Gold Leaf Gloves

For everyday, all-around gardening chores, try the Soft Touch Gloves. They’re made with deerskin leather on the palms, a combination backing of Lycra, nylon and foam, and adjustable Velcro cuffs.

Misto Sombrero Rain Hat

The women’s Misto Sombrero Rain Hat is a waterproof option. An extra-wide brim shields your eyes and face from the sun on fair-weather days, and a chin strap keeps the hat secure if it’s windy.

Foxgloves Elle Gloves

If you need more coverage, opt for Foxgloves Elle, which go all the way up to your elbows. Foxglove color choices come straight from the great outdoors: Crow Black, Spring Green, Fuchsia, Iris (purple), Moss, Periwinkle, Tulip (red) or Sahara (beige). 

Foxgloves Grips Gloves

Foxgloves Grips are slip-resistant; textured silicone ovals on the palms and fingertips help outdoor photographers and sweaty gardeners hold onto their gear. 

Coolibar Pink Sun Shade Visor

It’s nice to have a terrycloth sweatband to help wick away perspiration on hot days, like the built-in band in Coolibar's Sun Shade Visor. The visor is hand washable, made from cotton canvas and air-dries quickly. Rated UPF 50+, it has a 4”-wide brim to shelter your skin from damaging rays. Best of all, you can roll it up and stick it in your pocket at the end of the day, and it’ll pop right back into shape.

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