Forgetting to Water Your Plants? There's an App for That

Flower Power Plant Technology Monitors Plant Health

Flower Power Plant Technology Monitors Plant Health

The Flower Power sensor lets you monitor the health of your plants remotely.

Photo by: Image courtesy of Parrot.

Image courtesy of Parrot.

The Flower Power sensor lets you monitor the health of your plants remotely.

I’m at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, soaking in thousands of booths’ worth of gadgets, devices and appliances aimed at making life healthier, easier and more efficient. I was expecting the usual: time-management apps, bigger-and-better TVs and an array of new tablets and smart phones. But tech for gardeners? Now that was a surprise.

Parrot, a French company best known for creating things like bluetooth headsets, showcased a completely unexpected product at this year’s CES: Flower Power, a colorful gadget that senses levels of sunlight, moisture, temperature and fertilizer in your plants’ environment, and then wirelessly sends a signal to your smartphone or tablet to keep you apprised on the state of your plants’ health.

The app contains a database of over 6,000 plants compiled by botanists so that Flower Power can tailor its diagnoses to your specific plant, and the device works both indoors and outdoors.

While I’m not convinced that passionate gardeners could be persuaded to rely on a piece of technology to monitor the health of their plants, Flower Power might be a fun gift for a friend with the reputation for having a black thumb. Now somebody just needs to invent an automatic watering can that takes care of the rest!

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