8 Great Garden Scissors and Pruners

Want to get the job done? Have a love of great design? Find the garden tools just right for your needs with these editors' picks.
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Photo By: Image courtesy of True Temper

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Burgon and Ball Soft Squeeze Topiary and Trimming Shear

Burgon & Ball has been designing garden equipment since 1730 in Sheffield, England, so clearly these Soft Squeeze Topiary and Trimming Shears endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society are built to last. Because their design is so simple, without complicated mechanics, operation will require more elbow grease to use. But when design is important, these are the heritage shears for you, the elegant museum pieces of garden equipment. Rating: ***

Sophie Conran Secators

British celebrity cook and interior designer Sophie Conran’s line of garden tools—including these shears—are designed to fit a woman’s hands. The shears cut through small branches with fluid ease and make trimming of bushes or boxwoods child’s play. If you have a gardener on your holiday gift list, these would make an elegant, thoughtful gift. Rating: ****

True Temper Anvil Pruners

Unbelievably strong, the True Temper Anvil Pruners can be pushed to the limit and won't let you down. The wide grip may make them feel a bit unwieldy if you have small hands, but their cutting power is undeniable. Rating: *****

Bypass Pruners

Tough as nails, these Bypass Pruners make quick work of small branches, fit neatly in your hand and have an easy-to-use sliding safety latch. Rating: ****

Garden Girl Shears

Made for the lady gardener, these reasonably priced pink garden shears from Garden Girl bring a dose of style to the job. Rating: ***

Flip and Snip Pruner-Scissors

It's two, two, two tools in one. The handy Flip 'n' Snip Shears from Gardener's Supply Company allow you to tackle both big and small jobs with a flower shear and a pruner that is accessible with a flip of the wrist. There's no better way to feel like a garden action hero than with this incredibly lightweight tool. The only drawback: a tendency to flip on their own. Rating: ***

Garden Girl Gardening Scissors

Could a pair of scissors be called cute? If any garden tool deserves that description, these pink Garden Girl Gardening Scissors surely do. But don't let the cuteness fool you: these utilitarian garden scissors are cutting machines perfect for small jobs and feature a clever safety latch at the base. Rating: ****

Felco Pruners

The Swiss-made gold standard in pruning tools, these ergonomic Felco 6 Pruners mean business. They fit comfortably in the hand with their nonslip handle coating, come with a lifetime guarantee and feature a cutting adjustment. Rating: ****

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