14 Great Plants That Kids Love

A garden is a wonderful way for children to explore nature in their own backyard. Try planting these kid favorites.

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Growing Vegetables

A window box planting is also an easy way to introduce kids to the fun of growing and harvesting their own food.


Sun loving Echinaceas, or purple coneflowers, rebloom nicely when you cut the flowers for vases or bouquets. Use them in wildflower gardens to attract butterflies, too.

Bee Balm

Bee Balm has bright, cheery flowers that attract kids and insects alike. They leave fun, puffy seed balls after they bloom for kids to blow on. 

False Indigo

The real fun of false indigo comes after they flower. The pretty purple flowers give way to plump, noisy pods perfect for rattling.


Blueberry is a perfect, edible-fruited plant for birds and kids alike. Kids will enjoy picking the sweet, juicy fruit all summer long. 

Baby Lamb's Ear

Kids will love rubbing the soft, fuzzy leaves of lamb's ear. 

Bunny Tail

This is an easy to grow ornamental grass that kids are sure to love. It's drought tolerant, loves full sun and will fill your landscape with fluffy, bobbing blooms.

Money Plant

Any kid will be fascinated by the seed pods of the money plant. They are an easy plant to grow from seed. The plant sprouts quickly and has a delightful flower. 

Chocolate Cosmos

Children will delight in this flower with both the color and scent of chocolate! Easy to grow, with blooms like flying saucers, this is a perfect addition to a child's garden.


This classic garden herb is a perfect for kids. Its perfumed scent and lovely flowers are irresistible to kids. 


Mint is another aromatic herb that kids love. Plant this hearty herb in a container if you don't want it to take over your entire yard. Allow the kids to pick leaves for a refreshing sniff. 


Sage is a classic perennial grown for the unique, pungent flavor and aroma that its gray-green leaves produce. It sends up lavender flower spike in summer.


Sunflowers bring an instant smile to everyone. They are perhaps the most popular summer flower for kids. As a bonus, the kids get to see birds feed off the sunflower's seeds in the late summer.

Sensitive Plant

This is an absolute fun plants for kids! The leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken. They do have thorns, so a bit of caution is suggested when kids are handling the plant. 

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