13 Stylish Rain Barrels

Show off your eco-friendly attitude with rain barrels ranging from quirky to Old World designs.

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Plow & Hearth

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Good Ideas

Photo By: Image courtesy of Hayneedle

Photo By: Image courtesy of Exaco Trading Co.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Plow & Hearth

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Exaco Trading Co.

Grecian Vessel

Grecian-inspired details accentuate the 65-Gallon Rain Barrel Urn. Using resin in a terra cotta hue, the barrel is made to look like pottery but captures and stores rainwater. Components include an overflow channel and screen that guards against debris. $179.95 at Plow & Hearth.

Painted Design

Gardens such as the Edison Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, Fla., sell painted rain barrels ($50 each), which also are a DIY option. You can check to see if a local garden club or cooperative extension service office are offering workshops on painting a rain barrel.

Slatted Splurge

The slats and shape caught our eye with this rain barrel. The 92-gallon barrel is made by GRAF, which has been making rainwater harvesting products since 1974. The slatted rain barrel is made of polyethylene in dark brown, with a brass spigot that serves as a faucet. Suggested retail price is $799.99 but prices vary at retailers such as Hayneedle.com.

Columned Accent Piece

Some rain barrels can make an architectural statement in a yard. The columned Savannah Rain Barrel has a colonial look, and it's available in popular dark granite, green and other hues. $169.99 at Good Ideas (also sold at retailers such as Amazon.com, JossandMain.com and Wayfair.com).

Strawberry Pot Style

Even if it's not strawberry season, this pot can be put to use catching and holding water. The Terra Cotta Tuscana Strawberry Pot doubles as a rain barrel, with a spigot and screen to collect debris. $173.50 from Hayneedle.com

Textured Effect

This rain barrel's design has the appearance of a palm tree trunk, but it's not just for tropical environments. The 50-gallon Impressions Palm Rain Saver has work to do in a garden, with a deep top for flowers or herbs and two spigots. It comes in 10 colors, including terra cotta. $99.99, from Good Ideas.

Faux Boulder

Take the old trick of hiding your keys under a rock to a new level with this boulder-themed rain barrel that holds water instead. The WaterStones Rescue Rainwater Collection System comes in 40-, 60- and 80-gallon versions and has a sandstone finish. Ranges from $109-$244 at Hayneedle.com

Roman Influence

The weathered effect gives the Amphore Tank an Old-World style. Suggested retail price of $499.99-$699.99, depending on the size, by Exaco Trading Co. (retailers include Hayneedle.com, Amazon.com and others found here).

Channeling a Whiskey Barrel

The Flat-Back Rain Barrel can cozy up to the wall of a home, saving space. The 50-gallon barrel is made of plastic in a style that mimics wood grain. $199.95 at Plow & Hearth (stand sold separately).

Shapely Urn

The hourglass shape of the Castilla Brownstone Decorative Rain Barrel is an alternative to the traditional round rain barrel. The 50-gallon rain barrel - made of plastic - conserves water and also acts as a planter. $79.97 at The Home Depot.


Folks who love multitasking may be geared toward the Compost Wizard Hybrid, which has a compost bin on the top and rain barrel on the bottom. The maker, Good Ideas, explains that when the top barrel is rotated, excess liquid flows from the compost into the rain barrel and mixes with rain water collected from gutters. Comes in five colors, including terra cotta. $299.99 (also sold by retailers such as Amazon.com).

Similar to Stone

Holding up to 65 gallons of water, the Algreen Cascata Rain Barrel has the look of a ceramic urn but instead is made of plastic meant to resist cracking and fading. The rain barrel is topped with a planter, coming in a sandalwood tone. $185.99, at Overstock.com.

Woven Pattern

The Sundra Woven Tank Rain Barrel may match the style of wicker furniture that's already in your patio or yard. The textured tank has a slim frame but holds 80 gallons of water. $359, at Gardener's Supply Co.

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