10 Outdoor Products That Could Change Your Life

These unexpected garden helpmates may give you a surprising advantage in gardening, outdoor and harvesting tasks.

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Compact Pressure Washer

This lightweight electric pressure washer may seem too cute to power off the mold, mildew, peeling paint or grime. But this tiny Greenworks powerhouse from Lowe's is ideal for household jobs, with plenty of power and handy features like an attachable detergent bottle. Super easy to use, it's the kind of garden tool you'll turn to again and again to spruce up your exterior space.

A (Pretty) Washable Outdoor Rug

Don't settle for your usual outdoor rug: Ruggables are outdoor-appropriate (though covered porches and screened-in porches work best for these lovelies), expertly designed floor coverings that don't look like any all-weather rug you've seen before. Throw them in the washing machine when dirt accumulates, and they are as good as new. Added bonus: Ruggables work just as well indoors and come in pretty, hip patterns like a graphic hexagon and a modern fretwork design that will rock your living room or dining room.

Reusable Plant Labeling Set

This super-handy plant labeling kit comes straight from our gardening betters, the Brits. The beauty of this label kit are the sturdy, differently sized wooden stakes: small labels to affix to trees and large labels that won't get lost when used for shrubs or dense garden beds. Unlike some labels, these garden helpmates should last.

A Good Hose Can Be Hard to Find

A good hose is a thing of beauty. It doesn't kink, it doesn't cheapskate out on you. This Gilmour Flexogen hose, available at Wayfair, has a double tire chord reinforced for strength and kink resistance. Light in weight, it's easy to store and carry. Hard to ask for more, except maybe a pretty place to store it...

Hideaway Hose

...Like a visit to the dentist, hose storage is one of those necessities of life that isn't always fun or pretty. But this Ames storage solution from Lowe's manages to both provide a vital function and maintain your high aesthetic standards. This garden hose storage solution could actually pass as an outdoor end table, holds up to 150 feet of hose and features Ames NeverLeak aluminum water system, which resists cross threading. It also stands up to cold temperatures and is 8X stronger than typical plastic water systems. With a sturdy design and handsome appearance, this garden helpmate is both functional and good-looking.

A Super Self-Watering Planter

Modern and functional too, the Nimbus Intelligent Watering System will keep plants hydrated while you are on vacation or just feeling neglectful. More of a traditionalist and don't like the mod-design? Slip the Nimbus into your favorite pot and let Mother Nature do the rest.

Elevate Your Garden Game

Raised beds are the edible gardener's secret weapon: control the soil, you virtually guarantee yourself a great crop. But what if you are gardening in a small space like a balcony, patio or tiny deck or in a rental? A compact, movable raised bed to the rescue! The Elevated Garden Planter from CedarCraft puts urban growers at a distinct advantage. This roomy planter has the space to grow ornamentals or edibles but is compact enough to fit on a small deck or patio. By raising the bed to new heights, this planter also saves gardeners from their dreaded companion, back strain.

A Great Weed-Eater

Weeds happen. And sometimes you have to get a little medieval on the garden. This handcrafted hoe made in Holland has a lifetime guarantee. Great for digging out weeds without bending, and manicuring grass edges, this classic hoe gets great user reviews and turns a necessary chore into a breeze.

Something to Haul it All

One of the pleasures of working outside is seeing a messy, leaf-strewn or weed-choked garden transform into a tidy, swept-up space. For doing that easily, without endless trips to the curb, these freestanding tip bags in small and large sizes are the bomb. They stay open to allow for easy dumping of leaves and other garden detritus and even the large size is drag-able with minimal effort.

A High-Performing Pair of Clogs

Sounds crazy, right? How can a clog help you in the garden? But believe it or not, footwear can be a huge issue in gardening, with easy clean-up and shoes that slip-off playing a huge role in comfort and cleanliness. These fun Urban Farmer Clogs from garden footwear specialists Bogs are perfect to slip in and out of as you head out into the garden and hose off when you're done.  So no tracking muck into the house. EverDry and Max-Wick technology keep tootsies moisture-free and a steel shank means these clogs are shovel-ready. These come in delicious colors and also an array of peppy fruit and veggie-themed designs to really strut your garden stuff.

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