10 Handy Countertop Compost Bins

These miniature compost bins fit on counters, tabletops and underneath cabinets.

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Photo By: Image courtesy of The Container Store

Odor-Free Composter

Made of recycled plastic and partially recycled steel, the Fresh Air compost collector lets oxygen move through your organic kitchen waste, slowing down decomposition. The result? A stink-free solution even the neat freak in you can get behind.

Good Grips Compost Bin

This stylish, 12 cup-capacity bin from Oxo has a small footprint, so it doesn’t take up much space on a countertop or under a sink. Made of sturdy white plastic, it has a smooth, seamless, green interior and a removable lid, so it’s easy to clean in the dishwasher. Although there’s no filter, odor shouldn’t be a problem as long as you empty the bin often. A rotating handle makes it convenient to carry outside.

Brushed Stainless Steel Compost Pail

Collect up to a gallon of scraps in this sleek, modern-looking pail from Gardener's Supply Company. The brushed stainless steel exterior helps conceal smudges, while the interior won’t absorb the odors of onions, garlic, and other strong-smelling foods. Rinse it clean, or pop the pail in your dishwasher; it’s only 7-1/4” in diameter and 7” high. For even faster cleanup, choose the model that comes with 25 biodegradable BioBag liners.

The New Recycling

The Green Cycler isn’t just a bin; it’s a self-contained, food scrap shredder/recycler. Crank the handle, and a stainless-steel blade chops up tough scraps while industrial-strength suction cups keep the unit anchored to your counter. A slide-out drawer holds up to a gallon of shredded stuff to take outside. Micro-vents help hasten decomposition, and the inner ZeoFilter is replaceable or rechargeable in sunlight.

Norpro Kitchen Composter

This stainless steel Norpro Jumbo Stainless Steel Compost Keeper bin from Norpro measures 11-1/2 inches tall and holds up to 1-1/2 gallons of coffee grounds, egg shells, green trimmings, and fruit and vegetable peels. The lid contains a disposable charcoal filter that prevents odors for up to 6 months, depending on the heat and humidity in your kitchen.

EcoCrock Compost Bin

A replaceable charcoal filter is underneath the lid of this cute EcoCrock bin; holes provide airflow to help materials break down faster. Made of white ceramic on the outside, there’s a green plastic bucket on the inside. Use the stainless steel handle on the inner bucket when you’re ready to dump it. The bin holds about 3.5 quarts and comes with two filters.

Green Stoneware Compost Crock

This attractive crock, made of green and tan glazed ceramic, has a ventilated lid that uses an activated charcoal filter to help control odors. Run the crock through your dishwasher when it’s time for a clean up. The Green Stoneware Compost Crock holds up to a gallon of kitchen scraps and stands 9-1/4 inches tall.

Antique-looking Compost Bin

Durable and aesthetically pleasing, this bin from Williams-Sonoma features steel construction and screen-printed block lettering, mimicking antique enamelware. The removable plastic bucket makes for easy emptying and cleaning, and the airtight seal on the lid helps deter odors.

Basic Bamboo Pail

This simple, gallon-sized bamboo pail has a removable liner that's dishwasher-safe. A set of charcoal filters in the lid helps contain odors and the handle makes carrying simple.

Mountable Compost Container

For kitchens with limited countertop space, mount this affordable container to a cabinet door to keep your composter out of sight. The sturdy and dishwasher-safe plastic makes cleaning a breeze. 

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