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15 Top Perennials for Shade

Turn up the color in your yard with shade plants that strut their stuff year after year.

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Perk Up Your Garden With Shade-Loving Perennials

Looking to add color to that shady part of your garden? Some perennial flowers will thrive in areas with low sunlight and come back every year. Astilbes are some of the easiest perennials to grow and will open their plume-like flowers in partial shade. They'll even grow in full shade, although you won't get as many flowers.

Hostas are also a good choice for shady spots. Some can take more sun than others, depending on how much sun your garden actually gets, but most are happy with a little morning sun and afternoon shade. Available in shades of green, blue, cream, yellow, gold and white, they need little care and add color to beds and borders.

Remember, even plants that are labeled for full shade need some sun. Usually, they'll do best with no more than three hours or four of direct sun each day and filtered sun for the remainder of the day.

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‘Silver Bouquet’ Pulmonaria

Brighten shady beds with the silvery leaves of 'Silver Bouquet’ pulmonaria. Spring blooms open to reveal pink petals that slowly fade to blue hues. At any point, plants often have multiple flower colors on one stem. Plants grow 7 inches tall by 20 inches wide. Plant this deer-resistant beauty near the edge of planting areas to showcase its dainty blossoms. Hardy in Zones 4-9.

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'Fanal' Astilbe

Astilbe is a classic shade garden performer, strutting its feathery blooms in part to full shade. 'Fanal’ unfurls its flowers in early summer, making it one of the earliest reds in the astilbe group. Deep green leaves emerge red in spring. Deer- and rabbit-resistant plants grow 20 inches tall by 18 to 20 inches wide. Hardy in Zones 4-9.

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‘Red Lightning’ Heuchera

Turn up the light in a partial- to full-shade garden with a few plants of 'Red Lightning' heuchera. Also known as coral bells, this plant unfurls gold leaves with bright red veins. The contrasting colors make this perennial a real wow factor in any garden. Plants grow 11 inches tall by 16 inches wide. Hardy in Zones 4-9.

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