Materials for Building a Raised Garden Bed

Consider a variety of materials when choosing the finishing touches for your raised bed.

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Photo By: Photo by Van Chaplin courtesy of Bonnie Plants.

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Dr. Deb Tolman,

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Rustic Wicker

There are a variety of materials that can be used to build a raised garden bed, such as woven wicker, giving a rustic English garden appearance.

Easy Raised Bed Gardening

Building a raised bed planter in the backyard will make it easier to plant, maintain and harvest vegetables from a family garden or grow and maintain flowering plants or shrubs.

Railroad Ties Stacked to Form Raised Garden Beds

Railroad ties can be repurposed in a garden landscape in the form of a sturdy raised bed. Ties are stacked on top of each other and pinned in place.

Stacked Stones

Stacked stones are perfect for a country-style border.

Brick Beds

When building a raised bed from bricks, remember to include drainage channels.


Ready-made kits like this one are a simple option.

Slate Is Great

This stacked slate raised bed harmonizes nicely with a pathway made of slate chips.

Straw Bales

Straw bales create the frame for this raised bed, which is filled with soil and planted. This method is a good option for gardeners looking for a temporary raised bed garden. Get the instructions here >>

Repurposed Timber

This keyhole garden features a circular wall made up of repurposed landscape timber which gives it a unique look. Keyhole gardens, used to grow food in arid regions, are circular raised beds in which recycled materials are layered lasagna-style around a center basket that distributes nutrients and water to the rest of the bed. The basket is accessible by a keyhole notch opening in the circular design.

Plastic Fantastic

Another design approach for your keyhole garden is to construct the outside wall out of corrugated plastic with metal bracing like these colorful creations.

Choose Materials to Add Style

The lumber used to create these raised beds adds a rustic feel to the landscape design.

The Natural Look

The rough texture of these walls created by upturned, split logs looks great as a border for an abundant veggie garden.


We love this ultimate raised bed, complete with an arbor topped with a removable sunscreen.

Set Mood With Color

Materials go a long way toward creating style. But, remember you can use color, too. Get creative with paint colors to set a mood in your garden. You can also top your raised bed walls with a wide platform for seating.

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