Garden Tour Trend-Spotting

The annual Atlanta Botanical Garden Gardens for Connoisseurs tour is a great place to pick up ideas for your own garden.

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Fantastic Foxgloves

Want great vertical interest in your garden? Follow the lead of leading landscape designers and plant foxgloves, a popular reoccurring flower motif on the 2014 Atlanta Botanical Garden Gardens for Connoisseurs garden tour.

Succulents Are Still Hot

Succulents in containers both inside and out remain a spiking trend. Many gardeners are using containers outside in the garden to accent outdoor living rooms and kitchens, but also to create a changeable vignette in the garden itself.

Pool Pavilion

This elegant poolside pavilion uses a canopy of trees and plantings on the stair risers and in containers to blend the architecture with the surrounding landscape.

Succulents in Container

A variety of succulents in soft greens define this striking container design.

Mondo Grass

Mondo grass in two shades is the perfect groundcover between pavers in this garden.

Windowboxes on Outbuildings

Outbuildings don't have to be purely functional. Glam them up with window boxes composed with a beautiful mix of moss and plants.

Moss Table

An incredibly versatile plant, moss will grow almost anywhere, including this outdoor table transformed into a dreamy garden fantasy.

Beautiful Edible Garden

This beautiful edible garden benefits from a perimeter of boxwood and sparse plantings of edibles that create a dynamic design out of lettuces, squash and other vegetable garden standards.

Outdoor Arrangement

Indoors or out, an artful container of succulents adds beauty to your decor.

Secret Garden Spaces

A table and chairs crafted from tree stumps create a magical, secret garden lair.

Repurposed Pit

Almost any fire-safe container can make a great fire pit. A surround of pea gravel makes sure stray sparks won't ignite plants.

Vintage Tools

Vintage tools are wonderful decor for this tool shed in an Atlanta garden.

Outdoor Vignettes

Think about your garden as an opportunity to design outside and create small nooks and special areas for reflection and contemplation designed with benches, containers and pavers.

Trees in Pots

Many homes on the Atlanta Botanical Garden Gardens for Connoisseurs tour featured small trees, like this Japanese maple, in pots.

Boxwood Arches

Boxwood is a feature of many gardens, but this inventive gardener trained hers into these unique arches.

Peegee Hydrangea

A peegee hydrangea is the anchor in this elegant container design.

'Blue Star Creeper'

'Blue Star Creeper' grows as a beautiful accent between pavers on this outdoor patio.

Edible Design

Lettuces, beans and squash are planted in an almost architectural style, in small, distinct groupings in this unique injection of style into an edible garden's design.

Elegant Herb Garden

A beautifully designed herb garden has the extra advantage of being placed right outside the kitchen door for easy access.

Embrace Color

Embrace color in the garden with a bench in a striking shade, accented by pillows and well-placed pavers that welcome visitors to take a moment to rest and take in the view.

Fairy Houses On Trend

Fairy houses tucked into gardens offer a delightful surprise for both children and adults.

Use Containers for Outdoor Vignettes

Afraid how your asparagus fern might fare planted in the garden? Try the next best thing: create a charming vignette by placing plants in containers in spots around your garden.

Embrace Life Outside

Recreate the comfort of indoors outside with clever outdoor living vignettes like this one.

An Unexpected Surprise

Place unexpected surprises in your garden to create fun visual elements for visitors to find as they explore your garden.

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