Make an Herb-Drying Rack From an Old Lampshade

Upcycle a lampshade frame and turn it into a great device for making garden herbs last.

Out to Dry

Hang your herb drying rack in the kitchen for easy access to homegrown herbs long after the growing season ends. To make, you will need: an old lampshade  / scissors / razor blade / sandpaper / hook (optional) sisal or rope / twine / herbs to dry. Begin by using scissors to remove any lampshade fabric that exists. Use the razor blade or craft knife to scrape away any glue. Finally, give the inside and outside of the frame a good sanding with sandpaper. Dust off the frame.

Make a Knot

Cut a length of twine twice the distance from the top to the bottom of the frame. Fold the length of twine in half and loop it over the top of the frame. Gather together a bunch of herbs with the stems about the same length. Tie a knot around the bunch of herbs close to the spot where the leaves begin.

Wrap It Up

With the herbs upside down, begin wrapping the twine around the stems and the part of the twine that leads to the top of the frame. At the end of the stems, tie another knot. Cut away any excess twine with scissors.

Tie One On

Loop the twine around the top of your stripped and cleaned lampshade frame.

Hang Time

To hang the herb drying rack, simply cut a piece of sisal rope long enough to reach the ceiling from the top of where you want the rack to hang plus 6 inches. Insert one end through the top of the lampshade frame (where a finial would go) and tie a knot below. Screw a hook into the ceiling and tie a knot with the other end over the hook.

Counter Culture

If you have space, place your drying rack on a countertop to have dried herbs well into fall and winter.

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