Farm Stand: Products Straight From America's Farms

Farm cheese, natural beauty products and other locavore delicacies sourced from pastures and paddocks across the land.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Farmaesthetics

Photo By: Image courtesy of Big Picture Farm

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Plumfield Plantation

Photo By: Image courtesy of Plumfield Plantation

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Photo By: Image courtesy of La Quercia

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Georgia Olive Farms

Botanical Beauty Serum

Farmaesthetics founder Brenda Brock concocted her first natural and nourishing skincare products in 1999 on a farm in rural Rhode Island. Her natural beauty products are made with wholesome ingredients—including powdered whole milk, local beeswax, fragrant botanicals and healing herbs. The Herbal Hydration Complex—a cooling mask made from organic shea butter, local beeswax, oatmeal, peppermint and organic witch hazel—heals and moisturizes skin while banning excess oil.

Goat Milk Caramels

From a hillside in south Vermont, Louisa Conrad and Lucas Farrell maintain a flock of Saanen, Alpine and Nubian goats—as well as a blog to document their adventures at Big Picture Farm. The young couple produce goat-milk caramels with ingredients including sea salt and bourbon-vanilla. Each treat is packaged in a box decorated with Conrad’s own sketches.

Farm Fresh Soap

Produced in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, Possum Hollow Farms’ prettily packaged soaps incorporate an array of herbs, natural botanicals and exotic clays, many of them sourced on this family farm. An organic and all-natural skincare line including moisturizers, serums, balms and more, is on the way.

South Carolina Rice

Darlington, South Carolina’s fifth-generation Plumfield Plantation produces a chef and foodie favorite, Carolina Gold rice. This short-grain, fluffy rice is excellent for white-wine risottos and rice puddings. Its basmati-style Aromatic Rice is recognized for its delicate, nutty flavor. But the farm’s brand-new cultivar, Charleston Gold, combines the best qualities of both: Expect a thick creaminess with an intoxicating buttery flavor.

Rice Field

Darlington, South Carolina's Plumfield Plantation grows the Carolina Gold and Charleston Gold rice that shows up on many chefs' menus.

Farm-Raised Ham

At their sustainable farm on the prairie of Norwalk, Iowa, accomplished farmers Herb and Kathy Eckhouse create the kind of dry-cured meat more typically found in Europe. La Quercia’s newest introduction, the exquisite Tanworth spallacia, is sourced from acorn-fed hogs raised naturally in the Ozark mountains.

Free-Range Pigs

The Norwalk, Iowa company La Quercia is known for its locally farm-sourced products including prosciutto, pancetta, coppa, speck and salami.

Blackberry Farm Mushroom Ketchup

A resort and farm rolled into one, Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm is dedicated to growing and preserving the foodways of the past. Mushroom ketchup has been used in the kitchen at Blackberry Farm for 13 years, but was only introduced as a retail product in 2013. Resident preservationist Shannon Walker explains that Blackberry Farm concocted the condiment as an homage to a colonial recipe and to utilize leftover mushrooms foraged on the grounds. This condiment is great as a burger topping or vegetable dip. Available at $13.50 for 16 ounces at

Grazing Goats

In 2003 Sebastopol, California's Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery became the first certified-humane U.S. goat dairy. The farm is known for its goat-milk feta and probiotic goat's milk kefir.

Georgia Olive Oil

Last spring, "Garden & Gun" magazine named them “the next oil barons” and, soon after, chef-to-Oprah Art Smith noted how much First Lady Michelle Obama enjoyed their olive oil on her morning grits. That delicious flavor comes straight out of Georgia Olive Farms where thick plantings of Arbequina, Koroneiki and Arbosana olive trees produce an oil fragrant with the terroir of its Lakeland, Georgia soil.

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