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15 Delicious Garden-to-Table Trends

Find out what food trends will shape what you grow and cook: think veggie-flavored yogurt and pepper-infused honey, among others.

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Photo: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Kohlrabi is King

Every year the Whitman Report, a restaurant and dining trends report from New York consulting group Baum and Whiteman, tracks the foodie trends we'll be seeing more of, including many with a direct impact on what we grow in our gardens and what we then whip up in our kitchens. One hot trend: lots and lots more veggies. Step aside kale, there's a new sheriff in town! Root veggies will be big says the Whitman Report, with celery root, parsnips and kohlrabi pushing aside fave chef veggies like Brussels sprouts. Try our recipe for kohlrabi fries >>

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Photo: Image courtesy of Ben Alsop/Blue Hill

Savory Yogurts

Veggie-flavored yogurts incorporating beets and other savory flavors are a big food trend.

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Savory-Infused Honey

Infused honeys have been popular for some time. But now, driven by adventurous chefs, honeys infused with peppers and other piquant flavors are big: think chili honey, habanero honey, jalapeno honey, ghost chili honey and ginger-citrus honey. Learn how to make honey infused with rosemary, citrus and other delicious flavors >>

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Photo: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Hummus Is Hot

Step aside salsa, and make way for America's newest favorite dip, hummus. This Mediterranean chick-pea based dip has been gaining ground, and Google reports it is now more popular than our beloved salsa. Look for ever-more exotic varieties, like this Sweet Potato hummus recipe, and flavors like beet, pumpkin, spinach-artichoke, edamame and guacamole hummus.

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