11 Great Grilling Tools

Step up your grilling game with some of these tools for making barbecue masterpieces and keeping your grill clean.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Sur La Table

Photo By: Image courtesy of Crate and Barrel

Photo By: Image courtesy of Sur La Table

Photo By: Image courtesy of Crate and Barrel

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Crate and Barrel

Photo By: Image courtesy of Sur La Table

Photo By: Image courtesy of Rösle

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Chili Pepper Grilling Rack

Great for parties, this chili pepper rack and corer allows you to create delicious appetizers quickly and easily. The stainless steel rack holds 18 chili peppers, and the included chili corer makes prepping easy. Just cut off the stem with the serrated edge, then remove the seeds in one easy step by twisting and scooping. Safe for the grill, handles along the side allow for easy use. Find it at Sur La Table.

Cast Iron Garlic Roaster

This bulb-shaped cast iron roaster is specially designed to cook whole garlic to perfection on the grill or in the oven. Vented roaster with ring handle holds one large or two small bulbs of garlic. Find it at Crate and Barrel.

Fish Grilling Basket

Grilling whole fish can seem daunting, but this nonstick grill basket  makes it as easy as flipping a burger. Simply fill the basket with your  favorite whole fish—try stuffing with fresh herbs and citrus  slices—close, lock and grill. The large oak handle makes it easy to turn  cooking fish. Find it at Sur La Table.

S'mores Grilling Basket

Make perfect s'mores in this special gripper basket designed to warm the graham cracker, melt the chocolate and soften the marshmallow just so.  Build the s'more inside the basket and wrap in foil for cooking over an open flame or on the hot coals, depending on your crispness preference. Long locking handle keeps hands away from the campfire. Find it at Crate and Barrel.

Potato Roasting Rack

Cook up to 4 potatoes quickly and easily on the barbeque. Cooks evenly from the inside and the outside. Potatoes are held firmly so they do not roll around on the grate. Two handles for secure grip. Can be used on all barbeques with a lid. Find it at Rösle.

Corn Grill Basket

Designed to grip four ears of corn in its steel frame, this handy basket  makes it easy to maneuver and flip one of summer's favorite vegetables. The long handle keeps hands from the heat source. Find it at Crate and Barrel.

Smoking Platform

This smoking platform lets cooks easily add smoky flavors to foods on a conventional gas grill. The perforated base and wood chip tray allow heat and flames in to produce smoke quickly, creating a venting system that controls the amount of smoke in your grill. Find it at Sur La Table.

LED Grill Light

This LED light provides effective illumination of your cooking area at night and can be used on all grill types. This tool features powerful, highly energy-efficient modern LED technology and a flexible stem so the light can be directed as desired. Throw in a strong metal clamp for secure, speedy attachment and you're good to grill. Find it at Rösle.

Grillir Grill Cleaner

This sturdy tool with its strong, non-sharpened blade comes with grooves and picks to make it simple to clean nearly any grill grate. Get it at The Skrapr.

GrillScrubber Grill Cleaner

This ingenious device is a tight gripping tool with mesh metal scrubbing pads to fit around the grates of your grill to get them squeaky clean. Find it at GGA.

Grillbot Grill Cleaner

Press a button and you're done. The Grillbot does all the hard work for you. No more scrubbing the grill. It's a fully automated device that cleans and is fun to watch. Find it at Grillbot.

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