Winter Flowers for Indoor Gardens

Brighten your home with a few of these cheery houseplants.

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Longfield Gardens

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African Violets

While most of the year African violets like an eastern or western view, during the winter you should move them to a south-facing window.


Pentas produce star-shaped flowers in a variety of colors that attract butterflies outdoors. Pot them up and bring them inside once cool weather hits, or grow them indoors year-round as a beautiful, blooming houseplant.


Cyclamen persicum is a traditional houseplant that can have a modern look with a sleek container. Watch for wilting, it may be placed in the wrong spot.

Kaffir Lily

A relative of the amaryllis, kaffir lily produces a pretty cluster of star-shaped blooms. Grow it in a small pot (it likes being root-bound) in bright, indirect light.


Take your garden vertical by suspending your containers with simple metal cable. This wall of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana seems to hover in space in the lobby of the Atlanta Botanical Garden's Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory.

Cymbidium Orchid

Valued for their large sprays of colorful flowers, Cymbidium orchids bloom for up to ten weeks, usually during winter and spring, including this Lisa Rose orchid.


Primula vulgaris, or Double Sulphur Primrose, bears clusters of fragrant, usually pale yellow flowers in late winter. This is an evergreen rosette-forming perennial with double yellow flowers and sage-green leaves.


Begonias, like this Begonia Upright Double 'Non Stop Apricot' are annuals or tender perennials that come in a striking array of colors and varieties.


Trachelospermum jasminoides, or Star jasmine, beautiful evergreen vine climbs up trees using its holdfast roots to pull itself almost to the top. Delicate white pinwheel flowers delicately breathe enchanting fragrances into the spring air.

Flamingo flower

Anthurium, Flamingo flower, is houseplant with dramatic and tropical spathe and spadix flowers and green foliage. Spathes can be red, yellow, or green. They like light shade, and a warm and humid atmosphere, so misting is beneficial.

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