Pretty Plants for Summer Container Gardens

Choose a few of our plants to brighten window boxes, hanging baskets and pots all season long.

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Osteospermum are available in a variety of colors and are an excellent choice for borders or containers.

Ageratum 'Adriatic'

Ageratum 'Adriatic' blooms from summer until the first frost. It produces small mid blue flowers in dense clusters above downy, green, oval leaves. If used in containers, water well.


Young coleus plants will grow in a garden or container and fill the space with vibrant and colorful foliage from summer through until frost.

'Elijah Blue' Fescue

'Elijah Blue' is a common blue fescue with clumping, deep sea blue foliage.

Double Impatiens

Rock your garden with the rose-like flowers of double impatiens. These pretty bloomers open flowers all season long—and never need deadheading. Choose double impatiens for areas offering part to full shade. Look for blooms in a variety of colors, including white, red, pink and purple tones.


A terra-cotta urn is the perfect container for variegated ivy, providing a focal point in a woodland garden or fern bed.

Swan River Daisy

A spreading annual, the swan river daisy is ideal for hanging baskets. It produces white, pink, or purplish flowers.


Many petunias have a mounding growth habit, so they're great for containers, but can also spill over the sides of baskets and window boxes. Grow them in part to full sun. Petunia 'Cha-Ching-Cherry' (pictured) is a new introduction featuring cherry-red blooms with creamy-yellow stars in their throats. 

Bush Morning Glory

Bush morning glory has leaves that are covered with a silvery fuzz, with pink buds that form white, funnel-shaped flowers.


Nemesia is a spreading, dark green foliage with small, lightly scented flowers, usually purple-blue.

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