Fun Fairy Garden and Terrarium Decor

When it's time to decorate your fairy garden or terrarium, check out some of these fun ideas for inspiration.

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Cottage Style

Want those fairies to have somewhere cozy to rest? This hand-sculpted and painted cottage looks like the real thing, just shrunken. Enchanted Story Fairy Garden House;

Beginner’s Guide

Echo Valley’s Fairy Garden Starter Kit gives you a little bit of everything, including a fairy statue, wire arbor, birdbath, wire bench, watering can, fencing and a fun welcome sign; Fairy Garden Starter Kit;

Scenic Route

This little kit from Woodland Scenics is full of hysterical little figurines that’ll give your terrarium a unique touch. The kits are available in different themes like "Backyard Barbeque" and "Dog Wash." Campers Scenic Accents Kit;

(Not) For the Birds

Got a birdhouse just sitting around? Clean it up and plop it right in your fairy garden! This whimsical house has a beautiful wooden roof and decorative accents that would look just as stunning life-sized. Story Book Hexagon Bird House;

Home Sweet Home

With a bright blue roof and a faux tree-trunk façade, this house is one that fairies will be happy to call home. Garden Toad Fairy House by JJ Pots;

Mushroom Hunting

These playful fairy garden mushrooms come in a set of three and have been beautifully glazed in red, brown and green. Ceramic Garden Mushrooms;

Tree Bark

Who said the pet store couldn’t give you some inspiration for your fairy garden? Take this reptile bark bend, for example. Place it strategically in your garden, and it can resemble a fallen tree! Zilla Reptile Bark Bends;

Two Story Fairy Cottage

Fairies aren't good at building homes, says Betty Earl, author of Fairy Gardens: A Guide to Growing an Enchanted Miniature World, so give them a whimsical cottage, beach house, or castle to live in. Here, a path lined with thyme "bushes" leads to a two-story dwelling. A fragrant dwarf conifer stands guard at the edge of the house.

Fairy Garden Handbook

Get tips for creating your own fairy garden in the Fairy Garden Handbook by Liza Gardener Walsh.

Just the Facts

Author Fiona McDonald's book describes how to create 25 miniature gardens for magical garden folk: fairies.

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