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Desert, Xeriscape and Rock Gardens

A dry landscape doesn't have to be colorless. Find ways to add personality while keeping it low maintenance.

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Cacti Wall

This installation blends artistic and architectural features to create a living sculpture of cactus. Design by Jamie Durie

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Flower Bed

The garden is the perfect place for some whimsical art. This grass bed in a rock garden is not only a conversation piece, but also a great place for a nap. Design by Pamela Berstler

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Rustic Charm

Natural country charm marries the old wagon wheels with Blanket Flower (Gaillardia sp.), Sweet Alyssum, California Poppy, Eyebrow Grass (Bouteloua gracilis) and other flowers. Design by Katrina Fairchild

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Put a Curve in the Road

Set a focal point on an axis stemming from the house. This fountain and path are deliberately aligned with the doorway. Design by Kerry Burt

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