31 Magical Walt Disney World Topiaries

Take a look at the whimsical Disney character topiaries created for the annual Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival.

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Topiary Tour

Each year festival visitors are treated to amazing topiaries of their favorite Disney characters throughout the park. Farmer Mickey and Minnie are two of the first topiaries that guests greet as they enter the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. Their garden is all about celebrating the harvest on the farm. It is planted with edibles and bordered with colorful flowers. Some of the plantings used to create these topiaries include Joseph’s coat 'True Yellow' (Alternanthera ficoidea), Joseph's coat 'Crinkle Red'  (Alternanthera ficoidea), bugleweed 'Chocolate Chip', creeping fig and reindeer moss.

Frozen's Elsa and Anna

A wintry scene from the movie, <i>Frozen, </i>shows Elsa surrounded by white flowers (Cleome hassleriana, Impatiens walleriana, and sweet alyssum) that mimic an icy path.  Her sister, Anna is surrounded by gorgeous colorful pops from plantings such as cosmos, petunias, celosia, violas and zinnias.

Elsa the Snow Queen

Elsa was created from variegated and green creeping fig planted in an "ombre" style. This style of planting starts with the lightest colors on the top that gradually blend to darker colored plantings on the bottom.

Frozen's Anna

Anna's vest comes alive via succulent 'Coral Reef' (Sedum tetratinum) and her dress is formed from green creeping fig. Anna and Elsa made their debut at the 2015 festival as well as Chip and Dale and three amazing butterflies.

Monster Topiaries

This trio greets younger guests on their way into the Mike and Sulley's Monstrous Garden complete with its own play area. These traditional topiaries have been adorned with golf balls and ping pong ball eyes. This technique can easily be applied to the home garden for a touch of whimsy. The larger monster lady is made from red ti plants topped with an artichoke.

A Monstrous Garden

Welcome to Mike and Sulley's Monstrous Garden. Their surrounding garden is filled with plants that have a "scare" factor including assorted bromeliads and ti plants. Sulley is covered in bugleweed 'Bronze Beauty' and creeping fig is used for his hands and feet. Reindeer moss is used for his face, eyes, and mouth. Palm fiber creates his nose. Mike's body is made from creeping jenny; also known as moneywort.

Tinker Bell and a Fairy House

Tinker Bell is outside the entrance to this year's butterfly garden. Here we find her overlooking her magical garden complete with a teapot fairy house. Tinker Bell's body and dress are created from reindeer moss and her hair from palm fiber. The tops of her shoes are made from air plants.

Sorcerer Mickey

This Fantasia garden scene features Sorcerer Mickey and those magical broomsticks. This water filled scene is depicted with lobelia, New Guinea impatiens,delphiniums and cleomes. Sorcerer Mickey is created from Joseph's coat 'Crinkle Red'. His body is green creeping fig and his hands and feet are made from reindeer moss.

Fantasia's Dancing Hippo

This lovely hippo is created with just two plantings. For the body green creeping fig was used while her tutu was created entirely from air plants (Tillandsia).

A Trio of Butterflies

These amazing butterflies can be found perched on one huge planted flower. The bed's large flower is created from a red impatient center and yellow viola petals while surrounded by purple petunias. Succulents fill the centers of the flowers "growing" in the background. This gives this garden an amazing energy and sense of movement.


An up-close look reveals that these butterflies are created with assorted colorful violas and creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia). As warmer weather arrives the violas will be replaced with more heat-tolerant plantings.

Lightning McQueen

This fast speedster rolls right into action! He is covered in green creeping fig as creeping Jenny forms the lightning bolts on the doors. The windows are created with reindeer moss and the tires from palm fiber. Making the frames for these topiaries typically takes months. Once ready they are stuffed and planted in about three weeks though Lightning McQueen only took a week.

Mater is Ready for Action

Mater's construction had to take into account the finished height of the Joseph's coat 'Crinkle Red' when constructing this topiary's frame. Joseph's coat grows to a height of around 6 inches. Therefore, his bare frame appears much skinnier in the areas where the Joseph's coat is used.

Bambi and Friends

This woodland scene can be found in Epcot's Canada. Character artists sculpt the characters' heads and then they are treated to look like moss. This same artist also oversees construction of the topiary frames. Bambi, Thumper and Flower are surrounded by plantings that include fox glove, delphiniums and poppies.

Captain Hook and Peter Pan

Perched high on the rooftop, Peter Pan can't be reached by Captain Hook who remains below. Captain Hook's hat is created from reindeer moss with an air plant 'Fuzzy Wuzzy' (Tillandsia pruinosa) plume. His hair is made from palm fiber and his coat is red from Joseph’s coat 'Crinkle Red' and Joseph's coat 'True Yellow'. His socks are variegated creeping fig and his shoes are created from palm fiber. His face is reindeer moss while his mustache and eyebrows are palm fiber. His ascot is made with variegated creeping fig.

Tic Toc

The crocodile Tic Toc appears to be partially submerged due to these clever plantings that mimic water. The "water" includes purple petunias and violas. Tic Toc is made from green creeping fig and yellow creeping jenny. Both his brows and teeth are made from palm fiber with his mouth formed from sheet moss. Every Disney topiary has its own internal irrigation system.

Winnie the Pooh

Pooh is created with Joseph's coat 'Thin Gold' (Alternanthera ficoidea). Palm seeds complete the nose and eyes. Ordinary garden containers have been decorated, some inverted, and combined to form the painted pots of honey.

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Cinderella and Prince Charming share a dance in the formal garden of Epcot's France. Prince Charming features green and variegated creeping fig with palm fiber shoes and hair. Cinderella is created from green and variegated creeping fig as well. The poofs on her dress are Joseph's coat 'Snow Queen'.

A Closer Look

Some of the Disney topiaries have detailed faces while others, like these, are left unadorned. The garden's topiaries are pruned weekly and fed a liquid feed approximately once per week. Huge attention to detail defines these topiary creations.

Belle and Beast

Belle and Beast can be found near the water feature in Epcot's France. Her dress is Joseph's coat 'True yellow' and her body is green creeping fig. Beast's jacket is created from bugleweed 'Black Scallop', Joseph's coat 'True Yellow' and his ascot is variegated creeping fig. His fur is created from sheet moss and his face is a combination of sheet moss and reindeer moss. Their surrounding plantings include delphinium, snapdragons, dianthus and petunias. Notice that his face has added features while hers is simply planted.

Cogsworth and Lumiere

In the garden immediately behind Belle and Beast we discover these two favorites from Beauty and the Beast. They come to life in a bed of dianthus. When not in the gardens, all the topiaries of Epcot live in their very own designated greenhouse.

Seeded Topiaries

Not all of the topiaries are planted with ivies. These topiaries found at the Taste of Marrakesh outdoor kitchen are comprised of dried seed pods, plant materials and spices.

Snow White

Snow White is created from Joseph's coat 'True Yellow' and assorted varieties of creeping fig. Her dwarfs are not too far behind.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The dwarves bodies are comprised of creeping fig and reindeer moss faces. Some of the easiest plantings for topiaries include creeping fig and also English ivy. These are two great choices for home gardeners.


Here we catch Sleepy mid-yawn. His beard is made from palm fiber. Not all the topiaries are added to the gardens each year. Some are kept in the greenhouse to "rest" and take a year off. Many of the existing ones are often changed from year to year including the poses they are in.

The Lion King

Mufasa and Sarabi are both covered in creeping fig. Mufasa's green mane is created with mondo grass. Rafiki displays green and variegated creeping fig with palm fiber fur. Baby Simba is covered with sheet and reindeer moss as well as palm fiber.

Timon and Pumbaa

In this Disney botanical homage to The Lion King Timon was recently adjusted to the scale of Pumbaa. Timon is covered in sheet moss. Pumbaa, our favorite warthog, is planted with green creeping fig complete with a lirope tuff on his head.

Miss Piggy's Tour de Fleur

Miss Piggy's garden is filled with a variety of blooms she has collected during her travels. In her garden you can learn about the origin of many of her favorite blooms. Miss Piggy is created from green creeping fig. The collar on her dress is creeping mazus also known as cupflower. Moneywort forms her hair.

Lady and the Tramp

Sitting among bloom-filled containers, Lady's ears are formed with Mexican feather grass. Her green fur is variegated creeping fig. Her eyes are reindeer moss complete with palm fiber eyebrows. Tramp is created from green and variegated creeping fig. The interior of his ears and his eyes is created from reindeer moss complete with palm fiber eyebrows.


Toy Story's Woody hangs out in The American Adventure. Woody's garden is filled with purple fountain grass, assorted celosia and euryops. Woody himself is made from creeping Jenny, green creeping fig, Joseph's coat 'Crinkle Red', Joseph's coat 'Snow Queen', reindeer moss and palm fiber. 

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear is crafted from green and variegated creeping fig, creeping Jenny and reindeer moss. Each year the topiaries that are selected for the upcoming year's festival are started no later than August. Others are grown out and undergo refurbishment beginning in November. Many of these spectacular topiaries receive year-round attention. 

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