15 Crazy-Creative Container Gardens

Pickup trucks and even bathtubs are inspired containers in these inventive gardens.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Jessica Yonker

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ben Rollins

Stock Tank Pond

The University of Tennessee Gardens used giant stock tanks to create beautiful garden ponds.

A Dragon Wagon

Decatur, Georgia's Wylde Center uses this cute dragon garden created from a child's wagon as a teaching tool. wlydecenter.org

Fairy Garden Fun

HGTVGardens community member Barbara Stanley made a fanciful fairy garden out of an old hospital nursery crib.

In A Pickup Truck

That rusty ol' truck found new life as a raised bed at the University of Tennessee Gardens!

Grow Up!

Handyman extraordinaire and HGTV writer Mick Telkamp (with help from his adorable nieces) crafted this strawberry tower by drilling holes into a PVC pipe.

Kick It To the Curb, Literally

This savvy HGTVGardens community member Liatris took a broken dryer, lined the barrel with gravel and hardware cloth and filled it with ornamentals to create this striking planter.

Bad Back Be Gone!

Gardening can be tough, but HGTVGardens community member John wouldn't let his bad back stand in the way: he crafted tall raised beds by stacking milk crates inside of a wooden surround. No more pain from bending over!

Pocket Herbs

Is there anything those fabric shoe racks aren't good for? HGTVGardens community member Diane Parker filled her shoe organizer with fragrant herbs and hung it right next to the grill for handy access.

Grill Garden

Speaking of grills, HGTVGardens community member Monica R Maroney fired up this old charcoal grill by filling it with flowers.

Yes, That's a Bathtub

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. HGTVGardens community members Fred and Anita skipped the wooden raised beds and opted for rescued bathtubs.

Laundry Day

After the laundry's done, try planting potatoes in your basket like HGTVGardens community member Barbara. One of these dollar store finds can yield around 8-10 pounds of potatoes!

Critter Cage

Squirrels, deer, rabbits and other pests are the bane of an edible gardener's existence. But HGTVGardens community member Joe Ventimiglia invented a way to keep the garden thieves out: he used old tent poles and chicken wire to create a hinged cage to protect his precious veggies.

Bike Planter

This fun welcome to the Fredericksburg, Virginia garden tour used a bicycle basket as a planter. Better still, the bicycle is still functional, if you decide to ride around town spreading floral good vibes.

Mason Jar Succulent

What once held homemade salsa is now home to this cute succulent.

Cinder Block Beds

This gardening duo used inexpensive cinder blocks to create lots of raised beds for veggies and herbs.

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