10 Mosquito-Repelling Products for a Blissful, Bug Bite-Free Summer

Cookouts, pool parties, camping trips - it's finally outdoor season! But that also means it's bug bite season. Ditch that aerosol can of bug spray and that clunky citronella candle and opt for these alternatives.

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April 25, 2019

Bug-Free Bliss

If you’ve ever entered a room where incense is burning, you know the scent permeates the room. So why buy a citronella-infused candle when you can have a flameless alternative that works just as well? One pack of sticks cost less than $10 and will give you 36-54 bug-free hours.

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The Natural Solution

Traditional bug spray leaves you with a less-than-pleasant, pungent odor and either a sticky or greasy coating all over your body. Thankfully, there is an alternative. This spray from REPEL has a refreshing lemon-eucalyptus scent and, though it is natural and 100 percent free of DEET, it will still repel mosquitoes for up to six hours.

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Miracle Plants

You probably already have a few citronella-infused products in your home. So instead of buying another citronella candle this summer, why not go straight to the source with citronella plants? They're easy to grow, naturally repel mosquitoes, filter smoke and purify the air. It’s essentially a miracle plant.

Buy It: Amazon, $17.99 (For Two Large Plants)

Bomb Body Balm

If you’re over sticky, smelly bug sprays, consider this beautiful body balm. Citronella oil, lime, beeswax and jojoba oil all work in glorious harmony to keep your skin feeling fresh and keep mosquitoes out of sight.

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Clip-On Protection

Backpacking, camping and hiking in the summer are destined to involve mosquitoes. You're basically stepping right into their home, so it’s best you go prepared. Bulky items like sprays, balms and candles are less than ideal when packing light, but a mosquito-repellant clip that lasts for 15 days before a refill? Perfect.

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Light It Up

Citronella candles don’t all come in that awkward bucket container that takes up your entire table (you know the one). These candles are an intelligent alternative. They are travel-sized, yet still burn up to six hours. They put off a massive flame, are free of DEET and feature a sleek design.

Buy It: Amazon, $11.90 (Originally $19.99)

Slam Dunk

Standing water is a haven for mosquito larvae and anything you can do to rid yourself of it helps. What about standing water you can’t get rid of such as ponds, bird baths or puddles? Mosquito dunks are the answer. Just toss them in the water, and they’ll work their magic for over a month.

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Bug Repellent on Hand

If you’re the adventurous type and never stop moving, you do not have time for bug spray or citronella candles. You need something that does all the work for you and never leaves your side. Even better, how about something waterproof that can repel mosquitoes for 15 days before you even have to refill it. Look no further than this wristband.

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Citronella Centerpiece

Another citronella candle option, this 12-ounce candle comes in a marbled tin container, is made of pure eco-friendly soy wax infused with citronella oil and will burn for 75 hours.

Buy It: Amazon, $13.50

Bandana Bandwagon

Jump on the bandana trend all while protecting yourself from mosquitoes. Whether you wear it in your hair, around your neck or like an outlaw in a western movie, this beautiful bandana is a bug’s worst nightmare. The scent-free coating repels all sorts of bugs for up to 70 washings and keeps you fashion-forward at the same time.

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