13 Bird Feeders With Serious Wow Factor

Earn some style points with one of these modern feeders that bring stunning form and function to our fine-feathered friends. 
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Photo By: Image courtesy of J Schatz

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Walk the Line

J Schatz’s handmade piece has a colorful feeding tube and a sleek aluminum perch that brings modern design to the birds. Mobile Bird Feeder in Goldenrod Yellow; jschatz.com

Copper Bottomed

Good Directions’ copper feeder serves up seed elegantly. Polished Copper Fly-Thru Bird Feeder; hayneedle.com

Halfway House

Blomus’ stainless steel feeder can handle tough weather in undeniable style. Nido Bird Feeder; shopboxhill.com

Double Trouble

One day L & M Studio’s ceramic bowl is a bird feeder; the next day, a small planter! This feeder has a chic pop of color that will make the birds (and you) sing. Porcelain Bird Feeder; www.etsy.com/shop/LandMstudio

Contemporary Style

This clean and simple feeder gets the job done through a contemporary design. Pianeta Round Bird Feede by Blomus; allmodern.com

Swing Time Bird Feeder

This quaint bird feeder will take Dad back to his childhood. Designed by Winsor Pop of Fred Studio, the Swing Time feeder comes complete with the ceramic tire and rope for hanging.

Fruit Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder for Finches

Attract pretty finches with an Onyx Clever Clean 12" Finch magnet. The rust-proof steel mesh has diamond-shaped openings that fit their beaks better than traditional screen mesh designs. The feeder can be hung or mounted on a pole.

Wild Fun

If you're looking for an offbeat and playful design in seed cylinders, you can't do much better than the whimsical seed feeders from Wild Birds Unlimited. Composed of Indian corn, prunes, cherries, blueberries, apples, peanuts, sunflower chips and canola, it is guaranteed to attract many of your favorite birds.

Glass Moon Birdfeeder

Your backyard birds will love this unique one-stop feeder. In fair weather, they can perch on the rim to dine. When it’s wet and windy, they can hop inside to eat. The extra thick crackle glass sparkles when it catches the light. Drainage holes keep seed dry. Colors may vary slightly.

Birdhouse Chic

Made for year round use with a frost resistant body, this sleek ceramic bird feeder with a fly-thru design accommodates any type of seed mix, suet or nuts and is easy to clean.

Hip House

Made from sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo, this very chic birdhouse comes in punchy colors and is just the thing to brighten up the garden while offering up hours of bird-watching entertainment. The birdhouse will last for 4-5 years and then begin to biodegrade: the perfect excuse to try another color!

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