Tomato Varieties for Your Container Garden

Here are some tomato varieties that could be happy additions to your container garden.

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Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are easy to grow in containers on a deck or a patio and require minimal care. The plants yield more fruit than regular tomato plants, and produce hundreds of fruits from midsummer through the last frost.

Red 'Tumbling Tom' Tomatoes

The 'Tumbling Tom Red' variety tomato works well in a deep hanging basket. It produces a bountiful crop of bright cherry tomatoes all summer long.

Yellow 'Tumbling Tom' Tomato

Kin to 'Tumbling Tom Red', the large trusses of sweet, cherry-sized fruit of the 'Tumbling Tom Yellow' look great cascading over the sides of a hanging basket.

'Sun Gold' Tomatoes

'Sun Gold' produces an abundance of small, sweet, and juicy, bright orange to yellow fruits with very thin skins. Grow in a large pot with a support pole.

'Totem' Tomatoes

'Totem' is a short and compact variety, making it ideal for a large hanging basket or even a deep window box. Its stocky branches carry a heavy crop of bright red fruits.

'Sweet Olive' Tomatoes

The 'Sweet Olive' variety is an easy-growing cordon variety. It will produce a heavy crop in a pot or growing bag, even if you don't remove all the sideshoots.

'Tigerella' Tomatoes

‘Tigerella’ is a decorative, heirloom variety with orange fruit emblazoned with bright green stripes that looks good in the garden and on the plate. It is a cordon type and produces heavy crops when grown in a large pot in a greenhouse.

'Brandywine' Tomatoes

'Brandywine' tomatoes are a larger, heirloom tomato, but work well in large, deep pots. The rosy pink fruits of 'Brandywine Pink' are beefsteak-sized, produced on indeterminate vines with leaves that resemble a potato plant’s foliage. The fruits ripen late in the season and are held in small clusters.

'Green Zebra' Tomato

'Green Zebra' is an heirloom tomato known for its bright green color. It grows 5-6 feet in a more compact shape, making it a great option for large pots.

'Early Bush' Cherry Tomato

'Early Bush' produces heavy yields of red cherry tomatoes. This variety produces tomatoes 7 to 10 days earlier than other varieties and does well under adverse weather conditions. Plants do not require staking or caging, making them easy to grow in pots.

'Summer Sweet' Plum Tomato

'Summer Sweet' is a baby plum tomato that produces sweet fruits 75 days from transplanting. It's small size make it a perfect fit for containers and raised beds.

'Terenzo' Tomato

'Terenzo' is a 2011 All-America Selections winner that yields crack-resistant fruit over a short time span. Plants are tidy, reaching 16 to 20 inches tall and wide.

'Homeslice' Tomato

'Homeslice' tomatoes are compact, making the variety a great choice for pots and smaller garden areas. Determinate plants quickly produce a high yield of bright red, medium-sized fruits, in around 65 days or less.

Dwarf Tomatoes Grow Well in Deep Patio Containers

A deep terra-cotta pot is the perfect container for ripening cherry tomatoes, providing fresh fruits throughout the summer. Keep plants well-watered in clay pots during hot weather.

'Indigo Ruby' Tomato

Easy to grow in containers, exotic varieties of edibles like these 'Indigo Ruby" tomatoes are trending in 2015 as more and more millennials embrace container gardening.

'Silvery Fir Tree' Tomato

This Russian heirloom is a heavy producer with striking silver foliage. 'Silvery Fir Tree' starts bearing 2- to 3-inch, red fruits in just 58 days. The plants are compact, reaching 3 feet in height, and can be grown in large containers.

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