The Best Types of Lettuce for Containers

Lettuces are not only delicious when picked fresh from the garden, but they also make decorative features in containers. Here are some great types of lettuce to grow in pots.

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'Little Gem' Lettuce

'Little Gem' is a popular variety that produces upright, dark green, crunchy head with a sweet flavor.

'Nymans' Leaf Lettuce

Lettuce variety 'Nymans' is a hardy choice for its slowness to bolt and mildew-resistance. It has two-tone, deep burgundy leaves and a bright green base.

'Winter Density' Lettuce

'Winter Density' is a compact variety with dark green hearts that offer fresh greens in the winter from fall sowings.

'Bubbles' Lettuce

Perfect for pots, 'Bubbles' lettuce has a compact form and distinctive, crumpled leaves with a very sweet flavor.

'Lollo Rossa' Lettuce

'Lollo Rossa' has crisp, frilly leaves that add color and texture to salads. It looks great in containers.

'Pandero' Mini Red Romaine Lettuce

'Pandero' is a delicious, miniature, red Romaine lettuce with crisp leaves that develop a good color and are mildew-resistant.

'Tintin' Lettuce

'Tintin' is a slightly larger variety lettuce than 'Little Gem'. It has a great flavor and bubbly leaves with a crisp heart.

'Salad Bowl' Cut-and-Come-Again Lettuce

Grow a never-ending summer salad with 'Salad Bowl' variety lettuce. It has wavy-edged leaves that can be left to produce a loose head, or just cut and wait for it to keep growing.

'Tom Thumb' Lettuce

'Tom Thumb' is a favorite of gardeners. This compact, green, butterhead lettuce rapidly forms dense, sweet-tasting hearts. It is ideal for small gardens because it can be planted at high densities and is ready for harvest quickly.

'Sangria' Butterhead Lettuce

'Sangria' is a butterhead lettuce that matures to form a loose heart with soft leaves,and a pretty red flush that will brighten up a salad. Easy to grow and quick to mature, 'Sangria' does well in poorer soil and has resistance to mildew.

'Sioux' Red Iceberg Lettuce

'Sioux' is a pretty, red-tinged iceberg variety with leaves that intensify in color in warmer weather, giving the plants good ornamental qualities that are so valuable in small gardens. It adds the perfect color and crunch to salads.

Oakleaf Lettuce

Oakleaf lettuce has crunchy stems and tender leaves. There are red and green varieties. It is moderately slow to bolt,and is a cut-and-come-again variety. The sweet, crisp, compact heads have a distinctive, almond-like flavor.

'Green Frills' Lettuce

'Green Frills' lettuce forms a frilly, green lettuce head. It is a softer, loose leaf lettuce with a mild and sweet flavor. It is one of the most popular fancy leaf lettuces available.

'Freckles' Lettuce

'Freckles' lettuce is a semi-cos variety that forms an open head with green leaves splattered with red. 'Freckles' is a good choice for flower borders, where it matures quickly. Plants are slow to bolt even in warm weather.

'Dazzle' Romaine Lettuce

'Dazzle' is a small Romaine lettuce with glossy, burgundy leaves. The color shows up well through the outer leaves and contrasts with the delicious, pale green heart centers when sliced. It matures in 70 days.

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