A Guide to Root Vegetables

Use this simple root vegetable guide to help you select the best crops for your garden and containers.

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Red Ace Beets Grow Vigorously in Containers

Red Ace beets are dark red, globe shaped roots that grow vigorously and uniformly, standing well in the soil without becoming woody. A good choice for pots, because it withstands drier conditions.

Old Fashioned Burpees Colorful Golden Beets

Burpees Golden beets have bright yellow roots making this old fashioned beet a colorful curiosity. They have a sweet flavor and look striking when used raw in salads or pickled.

Chioggia Beet Red Skin, White Flesh and Pink Rings

Chioggia beets are both delicious and beautiful. Their spherical root has rich red skin and white flesh stained with concentric rings of pink. Its mild, sweet, earthy flavor is good raw and cooked.

Boltardy Beets are Trusty Old Favorite

Boltardy beets are a trusty old favorite that reliably yields deep red, globe shaped roots with a sweet flavor. One of the best beets for sowing under glass in early spring due to its resistance to bolting.

Chantenay Red Cored Carrots Have Rich Orange Color

Chantenay Red Cored carrots are popular for their full flavor, small core and rich orange color. The first sowings of this early maincrop carrot will be ready to harvest by the beginning of fall. Its stumpy roots are also perfect for patio pots.

Colorful Rainbow Carrots Cream, Yellow and Orange

Rainbow carrots come in a mixture of creams, yellows, and oranges. A maincrop cultivar, the long slender roots stand well in the soil in a deep container until ready to harvest.

Carson Carrots Perfect Fall Dishes

Carson carrots are a maincrop carrot that takes longer to mature than most varieties. It has a denser texture and is perfect for fall dishes. Medium sized tapering roots are rich orange and have a full, sweet flavor.

Nicola Potato Used for Boiling, Roasting and Salads

Nicola potato is a variety that has a firm cooked texture. It has a long oval shape, yellow skin and light yellow flesh, and is suitable for boiling, roasting and salads.

Pink Fir Apple Potato

The Pink Fir Apple potato is long, knobby and cigar-shaped with pink skin and creamy yellow flesh. This maincrop cultivar dates back to the 1850s and is making a comeback. This unusual potato has a nutty flavor and can be boiled as new potatoes, steamed, or used in potato salad.

Desiree Potatoes Are Good Bakers

Desiree is a maincrop potato variety, with high and early yields. It has a high resistance to drought and good resistance to potato virus. Desiree has a firm cooked texture.

Charlotte Potato Are Popular Salad Variety

Charlotte potatoes are a very popular salad variety which produce pear shaped, yellow skinned waxy potatoes with creamy yellow flesh. They are full of flavor and delicious hot or cold.

Kerrs Pink Potato Is a Mashed Favorite

The Kerrs Pink potato has very pale skin and cream flesh. The eyes of this variety are medium depth, with a mealy, cooked texture. Kerrs Pink is suitable for salads, mashing and roasting.

Yukon Gold Potatoes Are Super Delicious

Yukon Gold potatoes produces a big, early, great tasting crop of yellow fleshed spuds for baking or mashing. Delicious, rich flavor almost like it has been buttered. Gold skin is shallow-eyed, sprout resistant, and super for storage.

French Breakfast Radish Is Heirloom Variety

French Breakfast radish is an heirloom variety with an oblong, blunt tip, half red on top and white on the bottom. It has a healthy radish spiciness and quality. Can become pithy if harvested late.

Cherry Belle Radish Delights in Moist Soil

Cherry Belle is a round, crunchy, crisp bright cherry red radish with an outstanding flavor. Originally from Holland, Cherry Belle was created to do well in mucky clay soils, but grows extremely well in most soils. Resists pithiness.

Mantanghong Radish Produces Tennis Ball Size Roots

Mantanghong radish is known for green and white skinned tennis ball sized roots with an inner core of bright magenta. The flesh is crisp, sweet, slightly nutty with a touch of heat only in the outer white flesh. Perfect for the home gardener.

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