Types of Roses

The red rose is a classic, but this flower comes in a number of colors and blooms that will stand out in your outdoor space.
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'Constance Spry' Roses

'Constance Spry' climbing rose is a beautiful rose with magnificent, clear pink blooms of true old rose form. The flowers are exceptionally large, with a strong myrrh fragrance. A key plant for a cottage style garden.

Shrub Roses Bear Multiple Roses in Short Time

A diverse group of roses, shrub roses are made up of roses that do not fit into other categories. Many bloom repeatedly with single blooms all summer long, while others bloom for a relatively short time.

Hybrid Tea Roses Have Classic Fragrant Blooms

Hybrid tea roses are a cross between hybrid perpetuals and old fashioned tea roses. They generally produce only one blossom at the end of the stem, have an open habit, are repeat bloomers throughout the growing season, and offer some degree of fragrance.

Floribunda Roses are Repeat Bloomers in the Garden

Floribunda roses produce abundant blooms after a moderate pruning in spring.

Old Fashioned Roses Bear One Flush of Flowers

Heirloom garden roses are very old garden roses that have gone through the process of mutation, selection and crossing over. They are usually colorful and have an intense fragrance with thorns and attractive dark green foilage.

Miniature Roses Have Compact Growth and Spread

Miniature roses are true roses, bred to stay small in size. Most mini roses also have smaller flowers than standard rose bushes. Despite their small size, miniature roses are extremely hardy and tend to be profuse repeat bloomers.

Rambler Roses Grow Vigorously Over Fences

The rambling roses are the forerunners of modern day climbing roses. They are ideal for training over fences and pergolas, and even into trees. Most ramblers are much too vigorous to be put onto a trellis. The blooming period is shorter than other types.

Climber Roses Bloom from Summer Through Fall

Climbers have larger flowers, similar to other garden roses, that are typically held singly or in small groups, and they usually have the ability to repeat bloom. The uses for climbers are almost endless. They have a more rigid framework.

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