14 Roses for Pergolas and Arbors

These types of roses climb and drape beautifully on pergolas, arbors, trellises and other structures.

Photo By: Courtesy of Star Roses & Plants

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Photo By: Courtesy of David Austin Roses

Photo By: Courtesy of Antique Rose Emporium

'Pretty in Pink Eden'

‘Pretty in Pink Eden’ produces doubled, deep pink flowers with a vintage rose perfume. It’s a climbing rose for a fence, arbor, or trellis.

Sweet Compassion

This strongly scented, bushy climbing rose with dark green leaves has double blooms in salmon-pink tinted with apricot.

'The Generous Gardener Climbing'

As its name suggests the David Austin English Rose 'The Generous Gardener Climbing' (Ausdrawn) is great for growing on arbors and other garden structures.

'Constance Spry'

Constance Spry climbing rose is a beautiful rose with magnificent, clear pink blooms of true old rose form. The flowers are exceptionally large, with a strong myrrh fragrance. A key plant for a cottage style garden.

Climbing Handel

This modern climber is quite compact and lovely for an obelisk or arch. It makes good new growth from the base each year.

Laura Ford

The Laura Ford is an upright climber with dense clusters of semidouble, bright yellow flowers touched with pink.

Rambling Rose

The albertine rose is a popular rambler with arching, branching stems and clusters of coppery-pink, scented flowers.

Phyllis Bide Climber

The Phyllis Bide is a vigorous climber for training up walls or pillars. Small, double flowers are buff-pink flushed with yellow.

New Dawn Rose

A great rose for a north-facing site, the new dawn rose is easy to grow and provides fragrant blush-pink flowers in summer.

Climbing Iceberg

The climbing iceberg is a climbing version of the popular floribunda bush rose. It's not too thorny but offers plenty of sweet-scented flowers.

'Summer Wine' Rose

‘Summer Wine’ will add sweet fragrance to your garden. This heirloom rose is a vigorous, upright climber with large semi-glossy leaves and coral-pink flowers that bloom continuously throughout the summer. 'Summer Wine' is hardy in zone 5 - 9; give it full sun and keep it well-watered for best flowering.

The 'Gertrude Jekyll' Rose

One of the finest pink rose flowers, the 'Gertrude Jekyll' rose's fragrance is so heavenly it was the first rose essence used in England.

English Rose 'The Generous Gardener'

Plant 'The Generous Gardener' for a lush, old-fashioned rose fragrance. Its soft pink petals also smell of musk and myrrh. This English rose has excellent disease resistance and can be used as a climber or medium-tall shrub.

Rose 'American Beauty'

Climbing 'American Beauty' dates back to 1909. The big, deep pink flowers appear in early spring and have a luscious perfume. 'American Beauty' is also available as a tall, erect bush. 

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