13 Shrubs for Summer and Fall Flowers

These bold flowering shrubs add a burst of color to your landscape in the summer and fall.

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Mountain Laurel

Mountain laurel is a dense, bushy shrub that bears distinctive pink flowers from crimped buds in summer.


Popular in gardens across the country, hydrangeas are shade-tolerant shrubs that produce clusters of flowers in shades of pink, blue, white and green starting in late spring through fall.

Rock Rose

Also called sun rose, rock rose is a compact evergreen shrub with gray-green leaves that in summer features pale yellow flowers with darker centers.

Jerusalem Sage

Jerusalem sage has gray-green leaves that are aromatic when rubbed. It bears yellow flowers in the summer and attractive seedheads in the fall.

Spindle Tree

The spindle tree is a deciduous shrub or small tree with an extraordinary mixture of scarlet-crimson leaves and fuchsia-pink fruits in fall.


Fuchsia produces hanging, bell-shaped blooms in mid- to late summer. 'Mrs. Popple', pictured, has robust stems loaded with deep red flowers that attract hummingbirds.

Himalaya Honeysuckle

Himalaya honeysuckle is a dense, deciduous shrub with bright green foliage that produces drooping flowers in late summer, followed by purple berries in the fall. They are hardy in zones 10a-11a.


Cinquefoil 'Pink Beauty' is a low-growing, deciduous shrub with long-lasting pale-pink flowers that may fade to white in the sun. Other varieties come in shades of yellow and orange and white.

Blue Mist Spirea

Gardeners who love blue will adore varieties of Caryopteris, known as blue mist spirea or bluebeard. In late summer through fall, expect to see beautiful flower spikes shoot up over foliage that can be be medium-green, golden or even variegated.

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon hibiscus produces teacup-shaped blooms in a wild variety of colors during summer. The plants can be grown as shrubs or pruned into small trees.


Ninebark is a classic, long-lived garden choice that’s been around for many years but many gardeners are still unfamiliar with it. Offering four-season interest, this hardy plant sets white flowers in spring to early summer, which turn into berries in the fall.

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bushes are large, fast growing, deciduous shrubs whose lilac pink flowers are irresistible to butterflies. You can also find these summer bloomers in shades of white, purple and blue.

Encore Azalea

Azaleas are a welcome sight after a long winter in Southern gardens. Encore azaleas take the show throughout the rest of the gardening season, delighting gardeners with a second wave of blooms in late summer and fall.

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