Ornamental Grasses with Flowers

Flowering grasses are unexpected sources of life, many blooming during seasons when other plants aren't. Choose which of these ornamental plants will look best on your landscape.
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Pampas Plumes

Pampas grass gives a dramatic show of plumes. Its leaves have sharp edges so always wear gloves when trimming back.

Feathery Fountain Grass

This variety of fountain grass, purpureum, is a tropical, deciduous grass often grown as an annual. It has dark purple leaves and crimson flowers.

Golden Oats

The upright stems of golden oats carry spectacular, oatlike flowers that ripen from purple-green to gold.

Large Fountain Grass

Miscanthus is a large fountain grass.  Tall flower spikes form in midsummer and long arching leaves turn golden-brown in the fall.

Foxtail Fountain Grass

Fountain grass is a small, evergreen grass with distinctive, bristly flowerheads often compared to foxtails or bottlebrushes.

Tufted Hair Grass

This compact variety has a cloudlike mass of tiny flowers that change color from silvery-red to golden yellow in late summer.

Blue Switchgrass

A perennial prairie grass originally from Texas, blue switchgrass sports blue-green foliage that fades to gold in the fall.

Greater Quaking Grass

Despite its name, greater quaking grass is actually quite compact. Its unusual hoplike flowerheads make this a popular choice.

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