Ornamental Grasses with Colorful Leaves

Ornamental grass can add a splash of color to your garden. These grasses have unique, vibrant leaves that brighten up your landscape in any season.
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Japanese Blood Grass

This small, slow-growing, perennial grass sports blood-red leaves that increase in intensity as fall approaches.

Blue Fescue

The blue fescue is a dense, tufted evergreen grown for its steely blue leaves. It flowers in early to midsummer.

Striped Yorkshire Fog

Striped Yorkshire fog is a creeping, perennial grass with flat, soft leaves in blue-green with creamy white edges. It forms a carpetlike ground cover.

Variegated View

The variegated miscanthus is a tall grass with narrow, variegated leaves in pale-green and creamy white stripes.

Pretty Purple Moor

Striped purple moor grass is a small, deciduous grass whose leaves are striped cream and turn clear yellow in fall. It has purple flower spikes.

Hakone Grass

Dense mounds of brightly colored, pale green leaves are flushed with red in fall. Hakone grass makes an excellent container plant.

Blue Oat Grass

Blue oat grass forms large, dense, rounded tussocks of evergreen, tightly rolled, silvery blue-green leaves.

Zebra Grass

Horizontal white or yellow bands appear on the leaves of zebra grass in summer. Maroon or copper-colored flower plumes adorn this grass.

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