Low-Water Succulents Are Earth-Smart

With their clean, architectural forms, succulents make for a beautiful container design.

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Modern Succulents

Succulents are a natural way to add texture and subtle color to a space. With their sculptural shape they’re both modern and on trend.

Splash of Color

A round, wooden stool with painted white legs provides a pedestal for a vibrant succulent that adds a pop of color to this powder room.

Coffee Table Accents

Make geometric planters from wood and concrete to create an eye-catching centerpiece for indoors or out.

Miniature Garden

These tiny potted succulents would be the perfect accent for a fairy garden, or a lovely favor at a dinner party place setting.

Echeverias and Other Succulents Mixed

A stone pot brims with echeverias, sempervivums, and tillandsias in this unique arrangement

A Modern Succulent Bowl

Atlanta's 43rd Annual Show House and Gardens featured this bowl of succulents on the home's back terrace, designed by Kolo Collection. decoratorsshowhouse.org

Succulents Fill Modern Metal Planter

A rustic metal planter holding various succulents displays this home's address in a stylish way.

Succulent Containers

A sunny patio at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is the setting for this display of varying-sized containers with an assortment of succulents that include Dyckia 'Black Gold' (clockwise from foreground), Yucca 'Color Guard', Euphorbia 'Sticks on Fire', Echeveria runyonii, and Kalanchoe 'Flapjacks'.

Succulent Terrariums

Terrariums can make a great planter for various varieties succulents.

Outdoor Succulent Wall

This succulent wall effectively utilizes a blank, outdoor wall and adds interest to the home exterior. Succulents clustered by type gives the arrangement a gradient effect.

Contemporary Rock and Succulent Garden

A unique rock and succulent garden brings in the elements of the outside.

Succulent Tree

Carefully-arranged succulents blended with an assortment of natural foliage diffuse a sense of beauty in the shape of a tree.

Large Succulent Container

Built-in stone pots house miniature gardens filled with multi-colored succulents.

Succulent Bouquets

Succulent bouquets add a flower-like look to the outdoor space.

Black and Green

This Echeveria pulidonis is beautifully set off against a slate-colored bowl.

Sedum Tower

Biltmore Estate's Walled Garden Crew Leader Travis Murray created this dramatic sedum tower.

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