Intriguing Plant Horoscopes

Astrologer Matthew Currie matches each zodiac sign with a plant or flower that shares its personality. Find out your flower sign.
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Aries: Honeysuckle

"The flower usually associated with Aries is the honeysuckle, which makes sense because they're kind of all over the place," astrologer Matthew Currie says. "If you look at a still picture of honeysuckle, it looks like they're moving. Aries is an impatient sign and half the time, when they're sitting still, they're fidgeting."

Taurus: Poppies

"The Taurus and poppies have a lot in common," Currie says. "They're classy without showing off too much and are both comforting to be around. The Taurus also has a reputation for loafing around and being lazy, and some poppies have a narcotic element that creates the same effect." 

Gemini: Lavender

"Geminis have a reputation for going off in lots of different directions at once and lavender petals have the same quality," Currie says. "Smelling lavender can be relaxing and Geminis need that. Anything aromatic to settle them down is probably a good idea." 

Cancer: Acanthus

"Like the Cancer personality, acanthus is a delicate, sensitive flower," Currie says. "Cancers can be nurturing and acanthus has medicinal qualities that do the same. In my experience, Cancers and acanthus need lots of encouragement to take root—or maybe I was just bad at growing them." 

Leo: Sunflowers

"Leos have a reputation for being big, bright and showy, even when they're trying not to be," Currie says. "Sunflowers are that way as well. You don't have to look it up in a guidebook to see what it is. There's no mistaking it."

Virgo: Morning Glories

"Morning Glories are nice, clean, orderly flowers with a pure quality to them," Currie says. "Virgos reflect those qualities as well. They're not big and showy, but they're pretty and they know what they're doing." 

Libra: Rose

"The rose is so appropriate for Libras because it's considered to be the relationship sign," Currie says. "Roses are so often used to signify romance and Libras are always thinking about who they're getting along with and how they're getting along with them."

Scorpio: Chrysanthemum

"Scorpios are very still and contained but busy on the inside, just like the chrysanthemum," Currie says. "Like the flower, Scorpios don't want to jump out at you and get your attention right away, but they do it anyway." 

Sagittarius: Narcissus

"Sagittarius aren't linked with the narcissus because they're narcissistic," says Currie, who shares this sign. "They're kind of showy and loud, but also quite sensitive, which is a side of themselves they don't show very often." 

Capricorn: Carnation

"Capricorns have a reputation for liking to be in charge and know where things are filed—they're good, solid employee types," Currie says. "Carnations are the same way: You stick them in the dirt and let them do their job." 

Aquarius: Orchid

"If you look at orchids compared to most other flowers, they're kind of weird," Currie says. "Aquarius signs tend to be a little exotic. The first time you see them, you don't quite know what to do with them. They're good people and great flowers, but inherently different from the rest and beautiful in their own way."

Pisces: Water Lilies

"Pairing water lilies with Pisces makes sense since they're the water sign," Currie says. "Pisces have the reputation for being the most sensitive of the lot and can float through life on their emotions much the way water lilies float. Both are easily washed away—Pisces by their emotions and water lilies by flooding." 

Astrologer Matthew Currie

“Just as there’s a birthstone for every month, there’s a flower for every sign,” says New York-based astrologer Matthew Currie, who also has a heads up on fall planting. "September is going to be a tricky month for planting because of a solar eclipse in Virgo on the 13th and a lunar eclipse in Aries on the 27th. Those are going to be difficult days to get anything going, so use them for weeding and pruning instead." 

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