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10 Trendy Houseplants: Will They Survive in Your Space?

Houseplants are having a moment and in an ideal world, you could have them all. However, some of the most trendy plants may not do well in the places you want them to. Here's a handy guide on how to keep houseplants happy and thriving.

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This gorgeous plant is the trendiest of all with its leaves appearing on art prints, upholstery, stationary and everything in between. It gives the room it inhabits a special tropical vibe, and for good reason, the Monstera plant is native to the Central American rainforest. It needs a warm climate, lots of sun and plenty of water. This plant can grow up to 30 feet high and needs frequent pruning so only bring it into your home if you have plenty of space and lots of direct light.

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Snake Plant

The snake plant is a fun accent for any room and it's a breeze to care for. These hardy little plants are tolerant to lots of different light environments, but they prefer mostly indirect light. Be wary of rooms with too much sun as they are susceptible to burning. And don't overhydrate, they don't need much water.

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Succulents are all the rage whether they're included in terrarium arrangments, tiny pots or other cute decor. If you have a small space, they perch perfectly on window sills enjoying direct sunlight. But be careful, too much direct sun can cause sunburns. Other than that, succulents require little care. Learn more about succulent care here.

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Calathea Majestica, more commonly known as the peacock plant, is aptly named for its gorgeous feather-like leaves. Calathea prefers shade and a humid climate, but they don't like being heavily watered. If your space is low on direct sunlight and you have time to frequently water along with taking time to remove dust from the leaves, this plant is for you.

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