9 of the Prettiest Plant and Pot Pairings

HGTV Magazine married popular houseplants with cute containers. Get inspired by these nine happy pairs.

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Photo By: Emily Kate Roemer

Photo By: Emily Kate Roemer

Photo By: Emily Kate Roemer

Photo By: Emily Kate Roemer

Photo By: Emily Kate Roemer

Photo By: Emily Kate Roemer

Photo By: Emily Kate Roemer

Photo By: Emily Kate Roemer

Photo By: Emily Kate Roemer

Split-Leaf Philodendron + White Ceramic in a Wood Stand

This fast-growing tropical plant (also called a Swiss cheese plant thanks to its cutout leaf shape) needs plenty of space to sprawl. Its leaves can reach up to three feet long, and its stems may need to be staked to prevent drooping. It prefers moderate sun and can tolerate once-a-week watering. Modernica Case Study 10"H x 11 ½"-diameter ceramic pot with 16½"H wood stand, $149, shophorne.com

Snake Plant + Geometric Earthenware

Although this hardy plant will tolerate neglect and poor light, help its leaves stand stiff and upright by keeping the plant in bright, indirect light. Imax 8 ¾"H x 8 ¾"-diameter earthenware pots, $49 for a mixed set of 3, allmodern.com 

Zebra Plant + Glazed Clay in a Contrasting Stand

Also called Saffron spike, this stripy plant is best suited for more experienced houseplant growers. It
will sprout yellow flowers in the fall if given enough bright light in the spring and summer. Water it lightly every day so it doesn’t dry out. Spanish 10"H x 11"-diameter clay pot in cobalt blue, $39, arizonapottery.com; Octahedron 8"H powder-coated-steel stand in industrial yellow, $55, erictrine.com

Kentia Palm + Tropical Trellis Pattern

With its big, arching leaves, this slow-growing palm can span five or six feet wide. Keep soil moist during its growing season (March to October). At least once a year, take the plant outside to hose off dusty leaves. Allison 10"H x 10 ½"-diameter resin and fiberglass pots in tangerine, $169 for a mixed set of 3, grandinroad.com

Burro's Tail + Low Cube

A succulent can be forgiving when it comes to watering, but it may need more H2O than you think during its growing season (March to October). Water it weekly during those months, giving it a soaking each time. Modern Square Geometric 6"W x 6"D x 5 ½"H clay pot, $36, lunareece.com

ZZ Plant + Shiny Copper

Great for the grower with zero experience, this plant is pretty much bulletproof. It can get lanky in low light, but the only way to kill it is with too much love (e.g., by overwatering it). Spun 8"H x 8"-diameter copper pot, $110, yielddesign.co

Fiddle-Leaf Fig + Bold Black-and-White

This tall, trendy fig grows to about seven feet indoors. Its sap can cause skin irritation, so wear gloves when handling it. Set it in bright, indirect light, and once a week rotate the pot a quarter turn for balanced growing. Look out for drooping yellow leaves, a sign of overwatering. Diamond 15"H x 9"-diameter resin and fiberglass pot, $129, grandinroad.com

Maidenhair Fern + Striped Ceramic

Top the soil with fresh sheet moss from the florist to help prevent this moisture-loving fern from drying out. Its leaves will turn yellow or brown if the plant gets too much light, so keep it in a shady, cool spot. Imax Piper 5"H x 5 ¾"-diameter ceramic pots, $102 for a mixed set of 4, wayfair.com

Painted Leaf Begonia + Seagrass Over White Clay

This flowering plant is grown for its colorful foliage. It hates wet feet, so water it just once a week. If the air in your home is dry, try placing the plant on top of a tray containing pebbles and water to increase its humidity level. Windowpane Weave 7"H x 6 ¾"-diameter clay and seagrass pot, $16, shopterrain.com

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