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19 Great Hosta Varieties for Your Garden

This shade-loving plant comes in a head-spinning array of hues and sizes.

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'Gold Standard'

The 'Gold Standard' boasts medium to large, oval leaves that are light green with dark green edges. As the name suggests, this hosta's leaf centers typically fade to a golden yellow during the summer.

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Hosta Sieboldiana is a common hosta that’s found in many gardens. It’s produced a host of varieties, including Hosta Sieboldiana ‘Elegans,’ which also goes by the name of Hosta ‘Elegans.’ Hosta Sieboldiana is behind many of the common hostas. Chances are, if your garden has a bluish-green, mounding hosta that grows to an impressive size of 24" high to over 60" wide, it has some Sieboldiana genes in its heritage.

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Strong white centers surrounded by green edges make hosta 'Vulcan' leaves shine in the garden. Tuck plants into partial shade for best growth. Morning sun with afternoon shade or high-dappled shade is ideal. Lavender-colored blooms arrive in mid- to late summer to lure hummingbirds. Divide plants when they’re fully established — wait at least three years after planting if you are dividing to multiply plants. Otherwise, wait until five to eight years before dividing.

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'Golden Tiara'

'Golden Tiara' is a small hosta variety featuring heart-shaped leaves that are medium green with chartreuse margins that turn gold in the sun. Its flowers are lavender on 24" scapes. Try growing this compact variety in mass as a border plant that will keep coming back year after year.

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