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Tips for growing cacti indoors.
Ideal for a centrally-heated home, this group of cacti and succulents thrives in a warm, sunny environment.

Indoor Cacti and Succulents

Ideal for a centrally-heated home, this group of cacti and succulents thrives in a warm, sunny environment.

Photo by: Moolkum / Shutterstock.com

Moolkum / Shutterstock.com

Ideal for a centrally-heated home, this group of cacti and succulents thrives in a warm, sunny environment.

Unless you live in the desert, you probably don’t have the option of growing cacti in your backyard. But many cactus plants do well indoors, so long as you provide them with the right environment. Here are tips for helping yours thrive:

Pick the Right Home

Any plant container can work, but unglazed clay pots are your best bet. They’ll allow the soil to dry quickly, preventing root rot, and they’re heavy enough to support a water-logged cactus (remember, cacti survive by retaining water!) Make sure the pot is large enough to allow for a few years’ worth of growth.

Sandy Soils

No surprise: cacti like sandy, quick-draining soil. To achieve this, mix one part houseplant soil with one part clean, dry builder’s sand. You can also add compost, bone meal and/or limestone to this mix. Cacti are hardy plants, but they like nutrients just like any other.

Light Up

As desert plants, cacti are used to plenty of light. Choose the sunniest window possible for your plant.

Water Well

Yes, they are used to arid conditions, but cacti still need water – especially during their growing season.  They also need to go through a dormant period in order to bloom. Try watering once a week in spring and a little more frequently during summer, when growth is most rapid.  Then cut back during fall and winter. Depending on the conditions in your house and your cactus type, you may need to water a little more or less.

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