Yellow and White Flowers

White with a hint of yellow is always a refreshing color combination, during the day and even at night!
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©2009, Dorling Kindersley Limited

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©2009, Dorling Kindersley Limited

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White Cloud California Tree Poppy Bloom

Romneya coulteri, California tree poppy, is a vigorous, suckering herbaceous perennial, with divided, greyish green leaves and large, white, poppy like flowers and dark yellow stamens.

Strongly Scented Pheasant's Eye Narcissus

Narcissus, pheasant's eye, is a late blooming, fragrant daffodil with large, white, reflexed petals and a small, yellow cup, edged red with a green eye.

Leucanthemella Flowers Later in October

Leucanthemella serotina is a clump forming perennial with cheerful pure white daisies with a lemon yellow middle, and blooms beginning in early autumn.

Primula Vulgaris

Primula vulgaris, or primrose, is a rosette forming, evergreen to semi-evergreen perennial with oblong, toothed veined, bright green leaves and fragrant pale yellow flowers that bloom in spring.

Heartleaf Crambe

Crambe cordifolia has bold, dark green, lobed leaves, and branching sprays of small, beautifully scented white flowers.

Red Hot Poker Has Impressive Spiking Bloom

Kniphofia, 'Little Maid' or red hot poker, is a clump forming, herbaceous perennial with arching, grass-like, mid-green leaves and spike-like racemes of pale green buds opening to pale yellow flowers fading to cream in summer and autumn.

Hellebore 'Citron' Blooms in Early Spring

Helleborus x hybridus, 'Citron' or lenten rose, is a bushy, clump forming, evergreen perennial with leathery, deeply lobed, dark green leaves. Its upright stems bear nodding, bowl-shaped, pale yellow flowers from mid-winter to mid-spring.

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