Taste of the Tropics: Mandevilla, Hibiscus and Bougainvillea

Start your own heat wave with these exotic beauties.
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Photo By: Image courtesy of Costa Farms

Photo By: Image courtesy of Costa Farms

Photo By: Image courtesy of Suntory Collection

Photo By: Image courtesy of Costa Farms

Photo By: Image courtesy of Sunvillea

Photo By: Image courtesy of Costa Farms

'Sangria' Hibiscus

Hibiscus like full sun and warm temperatures.

'Monsoon Mixer' Hibiscus

This new multi-colored hibiscus variety adds beautiful color to the garden.

Sun Parasol 'Garden Crimson' Mandevilla

This lush mandevilla features a high impact red color.

'South Pacific Sipper' Hibiscus

This sumptuous hibiscus features double-ruffled pink blooms.

'Rose' Bougainvillea

Sunvillea ‘Rose,’ which grows only about 4-8 inches high and 3 to 6 inches wide—it really is small, for a bougainvillea!

'Tiki Temptation' Hibiscus

This hibiscus cultivar features showy blossoms and a sunset-evocative color pattern.

'Kopper King' Hibiscus

This hibiscus does best in moist, organic soil. Regular and deep watering is advised to keep this beauty blooming.

Hibiscus Syriacus 'Blue Bird'

Winner of a Royal Horticultural Society award of Garden Merit, 'Blue Bird' provides reliable summer color with its lovely violet hue.

'Anne Arundel' Hibiscus

Dinner-plate sized blooms and hot pink flowers make this hibiscus a garden show-stopper.

'Alice du Pont' Mandevilla

This gorgeous twining mandevilla boasts trumpet-like flowers and is a great plant for an arbor or trellis.

'Scarlet O'Hara' Bougainvillea

If you're looking for drama from your bougainvillea, a plant called 'Scarlet O'Hara' is just the ticket.

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