Hyacinth Parade

Plant these bulbs for a glorious spring show.
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The Happy Hyacinth

Hyacinths not only pop up in spring but can be forced in winter for a lovely potted gift.

Fragrant Hyacinths Make Decorative Display

Hyacinths are spring flowering bulbs with long, narrow leaves that are folded lengthwise. They are highly fragrant flowers that bloom in dense clusters, making a decorative display when planted in clusters, along with stems of pussy willow.

Hyacinths in Ring of Terra Cotta Pots

Traditional terra cotta pots hold spring hyacinths and grape hyacinths. The small pots surround a glazed ceramic planter in this patio display.

Triteleia Hyacinthina Produces Starry White Blooms

Triteleia hyacinthina, or white hyacinth, has an erect stem, topped with dense white flower heads. Although not hyacinths, they are thought to resemble the flower with their papery thin blooms.

Purple Hyacinth

A richly scented flower, the blue jacket hyacinth blooms mid to late spring.

Hyacinthus Orientalis City of Haarlem Dense Spikes

In late spring this hyacinth produces a dense spike of intensely fragrant primrose-yellow flowers. Absolutely heavenly against the leaves are bright green and lance-shaped.

Force Spring Bulbs to Bloom Early Inside

Forced daffodils and hyacinths will flower in the depths of winter, and are very easy to grow from prepared bulbs.

Grape Hyacinth Attracts Bees with Honey Scent

Muscari armeniacum is a perennial bulb that provides spectacular drifts of color when massed in open areas, around shrubs, under deciduous trees, in the rock garden or in the border front. Popular container plant and attracts bees.

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