Get Crafty: Drying Your Own Roses

Keep your blooms beautiful forever with these tips.

dried roses

Dried roses add year-round garden beauty to your home.

Drying roses is a relatively easy DIY activity and keeps garden blooms around all year long.

Drying roses is a relatively easy DIY activity and keeps garden blooms around all year long.

Have you ever dried roses? The process is incredibly easy and dried roses have so many uses. You can use them in decorating, create potpourri with the petals, add them to homemade soap and if you are using organic roses, you can even make rose petal sugar!  


  • 1 bunch of roses with relatively closed blooms
  • 1 rubber band
  • A cool, dry location for the drying process

Begin to prepare the roses. Remove the stem’s lower leaves and keep the stems long.  You can trim the stems later to your liking after they are dried.

If the roses' buds are still tightly closed, place them in water for a couple of days so that they blooms can begin to open. Do not wait more than a day or two. Roses that are at the height of freshness work best for drying. If the blooms are already open to your liking, proceed to the next step.

Pat the stems dry and place the roses together like a bouquet. With a rubber band, wrap all the stem bases together in a bunch. Flip the roses upside down and hang them from the rubber band on a hook.

After a few days, check on the roses. Depending on the drying location and rose size/moisture content, they can dry in a matter of days to a couple of weeks. Cut off the rubber band after your roses are completely dry. Your roses are now ready for use.

Roses will always dry darker than their natural color, so be sure to keep that in mind when selecting roses for decorative items.

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