Flowerworks: Red, White and Blue Flowers

Create a fireworks display in your garden with our patriotic collection of red, white and blue flowers.
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Photo By: Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Photo courtesy of Scott Lechner Photography.

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Red Hot Poker

Nobilis is a tall striking perennial with spires of brightly colored flowers. This tall growing perennial mixes well in tall grasses.

Satin Pinks

The 'Satin Pink' daffodil is an unusual variety with pure white petals and a pink-flushed central cup. It flowers in mid-spring.

Centaurea Cyanus Produces Beautiful Blue Blooms

The first part of Cornflower's Latin name gives the geographic origins and natural habitat. The second part, Cyanus, tells us the avid blue physical characteristic of this flower.

Dahlia Drama

The 'Arabian Night' dahlia is a large, dramatic, double red flower that blooms from early summer.

Flore Pleno Fragrant White Myrtle Pom-Pom Blossoms

Myrtle is a sun-loving, evergreen Mediterranean shrub with aromatic foliage. Masses of pretty, fragrant white pom-pom flowers appear in late summer.

Corydalis Flexuosa Blue Flowers Held in Clusters

Corydalis flexuosa, 'Purple Leaf', produces fragrant clusters of periwinkle blue flowers and ferny foliage infused with purple hues. It blooms in the spring, and may go dormant with the onset of heat in summer and has purple-tinged foliage.

'Red Lake' Currant Prized for Generous Crops

'Red Lake' is the cold hardiest of quality plum red currants. It often bears full flavored fruit the first year after planting, on two year old wood. It produces reliably large yields and is self-pollinating.

Madonna Lily

Sweetly scented, the Madonna lily offers pure white flowers in midsummer.

Echinops Ritro Brightens Fall Gardens

Echinops Ritro, or globe thistle, has ball shaped blue flowers in the summer and is excellent for cutting. A bold, tall plant that is highly ornamental with silvery pointed foliage and deeply divided green basal leaves.

Ravishing Red

Washington State's Skagit Valley Tulip Festival (tulipfestival.org) showcases its picture-perfect red blooms.

Helleborus Niger Known as Christmas Rose

Blooming in the coldest months, Christmas Rose is a delight and favorite of many gardeners. From late fall to early spring, white blossoms appear and at times these blooms are tinged with pink. Its evergreen, dark green leaves also add winter interest.

Gentiana Verna Bears Bright Blue Flowers in Spring

An easy, beautiful alpine, Gentiana verna produces intense, bright blue flowers with white centers in the spring above its evergreen perennial dark green leaves.

'Red Wonder' Nasturtium

'Red Wonder' nasturtiums are flowering, structured, frost-tender annuals with a trailing growth habit. It has showy, large, dark red flowers and green foliage. The leaves and flowers are both edible.

Snow Drops Bloom in Small Pots for Spring

Grown for their charming nodding white flowers, snowdrops are the first flowers to appear in late winter and early spring.

Blue Delphiniums are English Cottage Style Plants

Delphinium, 'New Zealand Hybrids' is a hardy perennial of beautiful spires of flowers that soar upwards on sturdy stems with a smothering of evenly-spaced, colorful blooms throughout summer. A must have plant for a cottage garden scheme.

Red Anemone

This bold red anemone is a Mediterranean variety that likes full sun and blooms in spring. It also comes in pink or purple.

Clematis Armandii White Climber for Sun

An evergreen clematis, Clematis armandii is in glorious full bloom from March until April with its brilliantly white star-shaped flowers. Wonderfully fragrant, these blooms reappear throughout the summer.

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Good Choice for Arbor

A morning glory, such as Ipomoea, 'Heavenly Blue', has a superb flower display from summer to fall. It will twine over an arch or pergola.

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