Calla Lily Bouquets and Arrangements

Get inspired to create beautiful calla lily creations: bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces.

30. Colleen:  White Calla Lily wrapped in black and white ribbon.

30. Colleen: White Calla Lily wrapped in black and white ribbon.

White Calla Lily wrapped in black and white ribbon. Floral design Green Thumb Flowerbox Florist ( Photo by Colleen Amelia Photography (

Photo by: Image courtesy of Colleen Amelia Photography

Image courtesy of Colleen Amelia Photography

White Calla Lily wrapped in black and white ribbon. Floral design Green Thumb Flowerbox Florist ( Photo by Colleen Amelia Photography (

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Express your inner artist by creating calla lily bouquets and arrangements. These artful, elegant blossoms lend themselves to both modern and traditional calla lily centerpieces. The graceful flowers are favorites for wedding arrangements. Calla lily bridal bouquets work in any season, and calla lily boutonnieres offer a just-right blend of beauty and masculinity.  

Typically, calla lily flowers wholesale for $2 to $4 a stem. Once these exotic blossoms are cut, they stop opening. Choose calla lily flowers that are fully open but don’t show any signs of pollen or brown spots on the central spike. These flowers should last 8 to 10 days in a vase.

When creating a calla lily arrangement, keep stems upright by building a grid framework across the top of your vase using floral tape. Use stems and greenery to hide the tape from view. Over time, the stems of calla lily flowers tend to split open at the base. If this occurs, remove stems from the vase solution and recut under water, about one-quarter inch above the curling area. Fill the vase with fresh flower preservative.

Calla lily stems are pliable and flexible. Create Asian-inspired arrangements by bending calla lily stems to follow curves of curly bamboo. Or use calla lilies to form a blooming wreath by bending stems to follow the curves of a wreath form. For an unusual wedding display, weave calla lily stems into a garland to drape behind the reception chairs for the bride and groom.  

Calla lily boutonnieres easily bridge the gap between bridal bouquet and masculine attire. Choose a miniature calla lily flower in a hue that echoes the bridal bouquet. For a fall wedding, calla lilies in flame colors, like shades of red and mango, provide a perfect seasonal touch. A classic calla lily boutonniere pairs a mini calla with a blade of grass looped up and over the blossom. Or match callas with individual blooms of cymbidium orchids or spray roses. Colorful calla lily flowers partner well with foliage stems, such as eucalyptus or ruscus. They also look great with hypericum berries.
In a vase, use the long stems of calla lilies to tower above rounded hydrangea heads or peony flowers. Create a stunning calla lily centerpiece by filling individual vases with single flower types in a single color, like lavender calla lilies, lavender freesia and lavender lilacs. For an edible display, fill a glass vase with red calla lily flowers, and surround it with three bowls filled with red raspberries, cherries and pink watermelon chunks.  

Calla lily bridal bouquets can be elegantly simple, like a mix of white callas, white roses and white stephanotis blooms. Or you can go with blush-pink callas and ranunculus accented with white lily-of-the-valley and jasmine. For a fall wedding, mix orange, gold and red calla lily flowers with colorful chrysanthemums.

One key point about calla lily flowers: The stems leak a sap that creates a stain that doesn’t appear until a garment is laundered. Seal stem ends of cut calla lilies destined for bridal bouquets and boutonnieres with clear nail polish. Avoid skin contact with calla lily sap, which produces a painful burning sensation.

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